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31-Jul-2011 around 4:00 pm , just came from the regional office when we felt a mild tremor, then increasing,for seconds then as if it wouldn't stop we were alarmed and hurried out and feel the tremor under our feet. the huge building like a ship rocking to and fro.OMG!I saw this in my dream just last night (that night)it was a symbolic dream... Frozen clouds falling, every where....
APRIL 2, 2013.This date i used to greet my big brother happy birthday, later, i felt he was getting emotional on his b-days, then 2005, was his last birthday spent with us as he left us the following month. His last happy days with us was after his birthday of april 2005, our clan re-union. he became the star of the event. This year, I forgot his birthday. used to offer mass for him . but better late than never, I offered mass intention for the repose of his soul last Friday. I love you Big billy.