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Historical Events In 0070

Thursday, 20 February 2020

May 31   In the year 0070 rome captures 1st wall of the city of Jerusalem  

Jun 05   On this day in history titus & his Roman legions breach the middle wall of Jerusalem  

Jul 01   In the year 0070 titus sets up batterig rams to assault the walls of Jerusalem  

Aug 08   On this day in history tower of Antonia destroyed by Romans  

Aug 10   "2nd Temple" of Jews is set aflame (approx) in the year 0070.  

Sep 07   Roman army under Titus occupies & plunders Jerusalem in the year 0070.  

Sep 27   In the year 0070 walls of upper city of Jerusalem battered down by Romans  

Oct 15   Publius Vergilius Maro, Roman leader/poet (Bucolica, Aeneis) in the year 0070.  


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