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Historical Events In 0922

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Mar 27   Al-Hallaj al-Mughith-al-Hsayn Mansur, Persian mystic, beheaded at 64 in the year 0922.  

Mar 27   The Persian mystic Al-Hallaj (abu al-Mughith-al-Hsayn ibn Mansur), 64, is sentenced to death for heresy after a long trial and is flogged, mutilated, and beheaded March 27 at Baghdad He has supported reform of the caliphate and been seen as a rabble-rouser in the year 0922.  

Jun 09   On this day in history french republic chooses Robert I, King of France  

Jun 29   On this day in history france's Charles III (the Simple) is deposed by rebellious barons and replaced with Robert, brother of King Odo, who is crowned king of the Franks at Reims while Charles gathers an army to march against the usurper  

Nov 04   Richarius becomes bishop of Luik on this day in history.  


Famous Deaths In 0922

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Mar 27   In the year 0922 death of al-Hallaj al-Mughith-al-Hsayn Mansur, Persian mystic, beheaded at 64  

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