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Historical Events In 1031

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Jul 10   On this day in history france's Capetian king Robert the Pious dies July 10 at age 61 after a short war in which he has been defeated by his younger sons  

Jul 20   On this day in history henry I succeeds father Robert II as King of France  

Jul 20   In the year 1031 robert II de Vrome, King of France (996-1031), dies  

Sep 02   In the year 1031 saint Emeric of Hungary  

Oct 19   In the year 1031 abbot Humbertus van Echternach opens grave of Saint Willibrord  


Famous Deaths In 1031

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jul 20   Robert II de Vrome, King of France (996-1031), dies in the year 1031.  

Sep 02   On this day in history death of saint Emeric of Hungary  

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