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Historical Events In 1073

Sunday, 05 July 2020

Apr 21   In the year 1073 alexander II, [Anselmo da Baggio], Pope (1061-73), dies  

Apr 22   In the year 1073 pope Alexander II buried/Ildebrando chosen as Pope Gregory VII  

Jul 12   Johannes Gualbertus, Italian monk/saint, dies in the year 1073.  

Dec 20   Domingo, Spanish monastery founder/abbot/saint, dies on this day in history.  


Famous Deaths In 1073

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Apr 21   Alexander II, [Anselmo da Baggio], Pope (1061-73), dies in the year 1073.  

Jun 15   Emperor Go-Sanjō of Japan (b. 1034) died in the year 1073.  

Jul 12   In the year 1073 johannes Gualbertus, Italian monk/saint, dies  

Dec 20   On this day in history domingo, Spanish monastery founder/abbot/saint, dies  

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