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Historical Events In 1181

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Aug 04   In the year 1181 supernova seen in Cassiopia  

Aug 06   On this day in history supernova observed by Chinese & Japanese astronomers  

Aug 06   Supernova observed by Chinese &Japanese astronomers in the year 1181.  

Aug 30   Alexander III, [Orlando Bandinelli], Italian Pope (1159-81), dies in the year 1181.  

Sep 01   Ubaldo Allucingoli replaces Alexander III as Pope Lucius III on this day in history.  


Famous Birthdays In 1181

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Sep 26   Saint Francis of Assisi, Italian founder of the Franciscan Order (d. 1226) was born in the year 1181.  

Famous Deaths In 1181

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 30   Emperor Takakura of Japan (b. 1161) died in the year 1181.  

Mar 21   In the year 1181 death of taira Kiyomori, Japanese Feudal general (b. 1118)  

Jun 30   Hugh de Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester, English politician (b. 1147) died in the year 1181.  

Aug 30   On this day in history alexander III, [Orlando Bandinelli], Italian Pope (1159-81), dies  

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