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Historical Events In 1303

Friday, 19 July 2019

Feb 08   In the year 1303 nanshu, Zen teacher (Rinzai line)/founder (Zounan temple), dies  

May 04   Flemings conquers Middelburg in the year 1303.  

May 20   On this day in history treaty of Paris restores Gascony to British in Hundred Years War  

Aug 26   Ala ud din Khilji captures Chittorgarh on this day in history.  

Sep 08   Anagni: French king Philip IV captures Pope Boniface VIII in the year 1303.  

Oct 11   Boniface VIII, [Benedetto Gaetani], lawyer/pope (1294-1303), dies on this day in history.  


Famous Deaths In 1303

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Feb 08   Nanshu, Zen teacher (Rinzai line)/founder (Zounan temple), dies in the year 1303.  

Mar 04   In the year 1303 death of daniel of Moscow, Russian Saint, Grand Prince of Muscovy (b. 1261)  

Oct 11   On this day in history boniface VIII, [Benedetto Gaetani], lawyer/pope (1294-1303), dies  

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