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Historical Events In 1441

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Feb 09   In the year 1441 ali Sjir Neva'i [Fani], Turkish poet/author (Mahbub al-kulub)  

Mar 24   Ernst I, elector of Saxon (1464-86) in the year 1441.  

Apr 20   In the year 1441 during the Council of Florence, Pope Eugenius IV issues the bull "Etsi non dubitemus," which asserts the superiority of the pope over the Councils  

Jun 24   Eton College founded by Henry VI on this day in history.  

Jul 09   Jan/Johannes van Eyck, Flemish painter (Lamb Gods), dies in the year 1441.  

Aug 23   In the year 1441 holland & Hanzesteden sign cease fire treaty  


Famous Birthdays In 1441

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Feb 09   Ali Sjir Neva'i [Fani], Turkish poet/author (Mahbub al-kulub) was born in the year 1441.  

Mar 24   In the year 1441 birth of ernst I, elector of Saxon (1464-86)  

Famous Deaths In 1441

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jul 09   In the year 1441 jan/Johannes van Eyck, Flemish painter (Lamb Gods), dies  

Jul 12   Ashikaga Yoshinori, Japanese shogun (b. 1394) died in the year 1441.  

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