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Historical Events In 1590

Friday, 16 April 2021

Oct 04   Cujacius, [Jacques Cujas], French lawyer, dies at about 68 in the year 1590.  

Oct 29   In the year 1590 dirck Volkertsz Coornhert, theologist/philosopher, dies at about 68  

Nov 04   Gerard van Honthorst, Dutch painter in the year 1590.  

Nov 08   On this day in history francesco Gonzaga, composer  

Nov 08   Joost Jansz Bilhamer, master builder/cartographer, dies at about 49 on this day in history.  

Nov 28   Pierre de Loyseleur de Villiers, S Neth theologist, dies at about 60 in the year 1590.  

Dec 05   In the year 1590 niccolo Sfondrati chosen Pope Gregory XIV  

Dec 27   Emmanuel-Philibert of Lalaing, marquis of Renty, dies at 33 on this day in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In 1590

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Mar 18   In the year 1590 birth of manuel de Faria e Sousa, Portuguese historian and poet (d. 1649)  

Apr 18   On this day in history birth of ahmed I, 14th sultan of Turkey (1603-17)  

Apr 18   Ahmed I, Ottoman Emperor (d. 1617) was born on this day in history.  

May 12   On this day in history birth of cosimo II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (d. 1621)  

Jun 24   On this day in history birth of samuel Ampzing, poet (Taelbericht der Neth Spellinge)  

Jul 13   Clement X, [Emilio Altieri], Italy, Pope (1670-76) was born in the year 1590.  

Jul 29   Gilles Hayne, composer was born in the year 1590.  

Aug 19   On this day in history birth of henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, English soldier (d. 1649)  

Famous Deaths In 1590

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 07   In the year 1590 jacob Andreae, German theologist (Formulae Concordiae), dies at 61  

Feb 01   On this day in history death of lawrence Humphrey,English clergyman and educator  

Feb 04   On this day in history gioseffo Zarlino, composer, dies at 73  

Feb 12   Francois Hotman/Hotomanus, French lawyer/diplomat, dies at 65 in the year 1590.  

Mar 14   Philip van Egmont, general/prince of Gavere, dies in battle at 30 in the year 1590.  

Apr 06   In the year 1590 francis Walsingham, English secretary of state, dies at about 57  

May 09   In the year 1590 karel "Cardinal" van Bourbon, archbishop of Rouen, dies at 66  

Jul 10   In the year 1590 death of archduke Charles II of Austria (b. 1540)  

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