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Historical Events In 2005

Monday, 19 April 2021

Jan 04   On this day in history death of Ali al-Haidri, Governor of Baghdad (assassinated)2006 Powers are transferred from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to his deputy, Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, after Sharon suffers a massive hemorrhagic stroke.  

Jan 04   In the year 2005 death of the Governor of Baghdad, Ali Al-Haidri, assassinated by gunmen.  

Jan 09   Mahmoud Abbas is elected to succeed Yasser Arafat as Palestinian Authority president in the Palestinian election.2006 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 11,000 for the first time since jun 7, 2001, closing at 11,011.90 in the year 2005.  

Jan 09   On this day in history the same storm which pounded the US earlier in the month hit England and Scandinavia, leaving 13 dead with widespread flooding and power cuts.  

Jan 12   Deep Impact is launched from Kennedy Space Center by a Delta 2 rocket in the year 2005.  

Jan 13   Armed militants enter into Israel from Gaza and open fire near the border, killing 6 people and wounding 5 others. Hamas and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claim joint responsibility for attack.[1] in the year 2005.  

Jan 14   The Huygens probe lands on Titan, largest moon of Saturn in the year 2005.  

Jan 16   On this day in history adriana Iliescu gives birth at 66, the oldest woman in the world to do so.  

Jan 16   In the year 2005 armed militants kill 1 person and wound 8 people in the Gush Katif settlement, Gaza Strip. Hamas claims responsibility.Confirmation needed  

Jan 20   On this day in history george W. Bush is inaugurated in Washington, D.C. for his second term as 43rd President of the United States.  

Jan 20   In the year 2005 ireland completes metrication.  

Jan 21   In Belize's capital city Belmopan, the unrest over the government's new taxes erupts into riots in the year 2005.  

Jan 25   In the year 2005 a stampede at Mandher Devi temple in Mandhradevi during a religious pilgrimage in India kills at least 215, mostly women and small children.  

Jan 30   On this day in history a Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane crashes in Iraq, killing 10 British servicemen. Iraqi insurgents release a video claiming to have shot the aircraft down using a missile.2007 Microsoft releases Windows Vista and Office 2007  

Jan 30   The first free Parliamentary elections in Iraq since 1958 take place in the year 2005.  

Feb 06   Death of Merle Kilgore, singer, songwriter (b.1934) on this day in history.  

Feb 06   The New England Patriots won their third Super Bowl title in four years by winning 24-21 over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX on this day in history.  

Feb 08   On this day in history danish parliamentary elections continued the center-right coalition led by Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his Liberal Party.  

Feb 09   In the year 2005 an ETA car bomb injured 31 people at a conference centre in Madrid.  

Feb 10   In the year 2005 north Korea announced that it possessed nuclear weapons as a protection against the hostility it felt from the United States.  

Feb 10   Saudi Arabia held its first ever elections for municipal authorities, in which only men were allowed to vote.2006 The 2006 Winter Olympics open in Turin, Italy. The closing ceremony occurred on feb 26 on this day in history.  

Feb 11   In the year 2005 the Computer game World of Warcraft was launched in Europe.  

Feb 12   Fire devastated the Windsor Building, a 32 story office block, in Madrid in the year 2005.  

Feb 13   Lúcia Santos, the last surviving of the three shepherd children to whom Our Lady of Fatima appeared in 1917, died.[1] in the year 2005.  

Feb 14   In the year 2005 a massive suicide bomb blast in central Beirut killed Lebanon's former prime minister Rafik Hariri and at least 15 other people. At least 135 other people were also hurt.  

Feb 14   In the year 2005 around 59 people were killed and 20 injured in a fire at a mosque in Tehran, Iran.  

Feb 16   In the year 2005 the Kyoto Protocol went into effect, without the support of the United States and Australia.  

Feb 16   The National Hockey League canceled its 204-205 season becoming the first North American professional league to cancel a season due to a labour dispute.2006 Kobe Airport, a controversial offshore airport in Kobe, Japan, opens for airline service on this day in history.  

Feb 19   In the year 2005 suicide bombers killed more than 30 people in Iraq as Shia Muslims mark Ashura, their holiest day.  

Feb 20   Early Legislative elections in Portugal resulted in a landslide victory for José Sócrates and the Socialist Party in the year 2005.  

Feb 20   On this day in history spanish referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, passing it by a substantial margin, but on a low turnout.  

Feb 22   In the year 2005 more than 50 people were killed and over 1,00 injured after entire villages werere flattened in an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale in Zarand region of Kerman province in southern Iran.  

Feb 25   On this day in history 60th anniversary of Radio Canada International2006 Police officers, and protesters injured when a protest prior to the Love Ulster parade turns into a major riot.  

Feb 25   In the year 2005 american police apprehended the so-called BTK serial killer Dennis Rader 31 years after his first murder  

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Famous Deaths In 2005

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 01   Shirley Chisholm, American politician (b. 1924) died in the year 2005.  

Jan 01   Death of Bob Matsui, U.S. Congressman from California (b. 1941)2006 Sydney, Australia, has its hottest day on record, when the city swelters in 45°C (113° F) heat died in the year 2005.  

Jan 01   Death of Shirley Chisholm, U.S. Congresswoman (b. 1924) died in the year 2005.  

Jan 02   On this day in history death of maclyn McCarty, American geneticist (b. 1911)  

Jan 03   Koo Chen-fu, Chinese negotiator (b. 1917) died on this day in history.  

Jan 04   Alton Tobey, American artist (b. 1914) died on this day in history.  

Jan 05   On this day in history death of danny Sugerman, American music manager (The Doors) (b. 1954)  

Jan 06   In the year 2005 death of louis Robichaud, Premier of New Brunswick (b. 1925)  

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