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Historical Events In 2005

Thursday, 01 October 2020

Apr 17   Twelve holidaymakers are killed in southern Switzerland when a bus carrying twenty seven people plunges 656 feet into a ravine on this day in history.  

Apr 18   Five people die in ethnic clashes in Iran's south-west Khuzestan province on this day in history.  

Apr 19   On this day in history joseph Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of the Papal conclave.  

Apr 20   In the year 2005 fifty six hurt as earthquake hits Fukuoka and Kasuga, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The earthquake measured a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale.  

Apr 20   On this day in history president Lucio Gutiérrez of Ecuador is said to have fled after Congress voted to sack him amid growing protests.2006 Iran announces a uranium enrichment deal with Russia, involving a joint uranium enrichment firm on Russian soil; nine days later Iran announces that it will not move all activity to Russia, thus leading to a de-facto termination of the deal.  

Apr 21   In the year 2005 a bus crash in Vietnam's Central Highlands kills thirty Vietnamese war veterans.  

Apr 21   A gunfight on the edge of the Saudi city of Mecca kills two militants and two members of the security forces.2007 Presidential elections are held in Nigeria on this day in history.  

Apr 23   Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy, re-forms government after its dissolution three days earlier in the year 2005.  

Apr 25   On this day in history a passenger train derails in Amagasaki Hyogo Prefecture Japan killing 107 people and injuring another 456. (see Amagasaki rail crash)  

Apr 26   Facing international pressure, Syria withdraws the last of its 14,000 troop military garrison in Lebanon ending its twenty nine year military domination of that country in the year 2005.  

Apr 27   On this day in history the Superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse.  

Apr 29   Apple Computer releases Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger." on this day in history.  

Apr 30   Attacks on tourists in the Egyptian capital Cairo leave three militants dead and at least ten people injured on this day in history.  

May 01   A suicide attack targets a Kurdish funeral in the northern Iraqi town of Talafar, near Mosul, and leaves at least 25 people dead and more than 30 others injured. Earlier, at least five policemen and four civilians were killed in two separate attacks in Baghdad on this day in history.  

May 02   In the year 2005 a blast at an illegal munitions store in northern Afghanistan kills 28 people and injures at least 13 others.  

May 03   At least 32 people are killed and nine others injured when three two-story buildings in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore collapsed after gas cylinders stored in one of them exploded on this day in history.  

May 04   In the year 2005 in one of the largest insurgent attacks in Iraq to date, at least 60 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a suicide bombing at a Kurdish police recruitment center in Irbil, northern Iraq.  

May 05   The United Kingdom votes in the 205 general election. The Labour Party is re-elected with a substantially reduced majority on this day in history.  

May 05   Two homemade bombs explode outside the British consulate in New York, USA.2006 NASA astronomers announce the discovery of a storm system in the Jovian atmosphere, dubbed the Red Spot Junior on this day in history.  

May 07   Plane Crash in Lockhart River, Australia kills 15 people on this day in history.  

May 09   A town in Brazil declares Orgasm Day on this day in history.  

May 10   In the year 2005 a hand grenade ostensibly thrown by Vladimir Arutinian lands about 10 feet (30 m) from United States President George W. Bush while he is giving a speech to a crowd in Tbilisi, Georgia, but malfunctions and does not detonate.  

May 11   Serial killer Michael Ross became first person executed in New England in 45 years on this day in history.  

May 12   In the year 2005 an election was held in the Cayman Islands 7 months later than originally scheduled due to Hurricane Ivan. It resulted in a change of government, with the United Democratic Party giving four seats to the then-opposition People's Progressive Movement in the 15 member Legislative Assembly.  

May 13   On this day in history the final episode of the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise is broadcast in the United States. This episode marks the first time since 1987 that a Star Trek series is not in production.2006 Liverpool F.C. defeat West Ham United F.C. on penalties in the 2006 FA Cup Final following a 3-3 draw after extra time.  

May 13   The United States Department of Defense issues a list of bases to be closed as part of the Base Realignment and Closure process (BRAC 205) in the year 2005.  

May 13   On this day in history uzbek troops kill up to 70 during protests in eastern Uzbekistan over the trials of 23 accused Islamic extremists. President Islam Karimov defends the act.  

May 15   A passenger ferry capsizes and sinks in strong winds in the Bura Gauranga River in Bangladesh, leaving over 10 people missing on this day in history.  

May 16   In the year 2005 george Galloway appears before a U.S. Senate committee, to answer allegations of making money from the Iraqi Oil-for-Food Programme.2007 Nicolas Sarkozy officially became President of the French Republic after taking over from Jacques Chirac.  

May 16   In the year 2005 sony officially unveiled its PlayStation 3 game console at an E3 conference.  

May 17   On this day in history kuwaiti women granted right to vote.  

May 19   In the year 2005 star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith released, effectively completing the Star Wars movie saga begun by George Lucas in 1977 and shattering the opening day box-office record with $50,013,859.  

May 19   The Canadian House of Commons members narrowly pass two budget bills at second reading allowing the minority Liberal government of Prime Minister Paul Martin to stay in power in the year 2005.  

May 21   In the year 2005 greece wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine.  

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Famous Deaths In 2005

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 01   In the year 2005 death of shirley Chisholm, American politician (b. 1924)  

Jan 01   On this day in history death of death of Bob Matsui, U.S. Congressman from California (b. 1941)2006 Sydney, Australia, has its hottest day on record, when the city swelters in 45°C (113° F) heat.  

Jan 01   Death of Shirley Chisholm, U.S. Congresswoman (b. 1924) died on this day in history.  

Jan 02   Maclyn McCarty, American geneticist (b. 1911) died in the year 2005.  

Jan 03   In the year 2005 death of koo Chen-fu, Chinese negotiator (b. 1917)  

Jan 04   On this day in history death of alton Tobey, American artist (b. 1914)  

Jan 05   In the year 2005 death of danny Sugerman, American music manager (The Doors) (b. 1954)  

Jan 06   Louis Robichaud, Premier of New Brunswick (b. 1925) died in the year 2005.  

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