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Historical Events In 2012

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Jan 07   On this day in history hot air balloon crashes in Carterton, New Zealand, killing 11  

Jan 13   Cruise ship, Costa Concordia, runs aground at Isola de Giglio, Italy, with at least 15 deaths in the year 2012.  

Jan 14   On this day in history suicide bomber kills 53 and injures 130 in Basra, Iraq  

Jan 18   In the year 2012 stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) blackout becomes the largest protest in the history of the internet  

Jan 19   FBI shuts down for alleged copyright infringement, hacker group Anonymous responds by attacking government and entertainment industry websites on this day in history.  

Jan 23   European Union agrees to embargo Iranian oil in protest against Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program on this day in history.  

Jan 23   On this day in history iran.European Union relations: The European Union adopts an embargo against Iran in protest of that nation's continued effort to enrich uranium.  

Feb 01   In the year 2012 at least 73 people are killed in the Egyptian football riots in Port Said  

Feb 01   On this day in history at least 79 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured after a football match in Port Said, Egypt.  

Feb 02   Cold snap across Europe kills more than 100 people (over 400 people by 08-02) in the year 2012.  

Feb 04   Tens of thousands of people are stranded by floods in the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland in the year 2012.  

Feb 05   In the year 2012 quarterback Eli Manning wins his second Superbowl Most Valuable Player Award after leading the New York Giants to a 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Superbowl XLVI  

Feb 06   6.9 magnitude quake hits near the central Philipines with 43 confirmed deaths on this day in history.  

Feb 06   On this day in history the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II marks the 60th anniversary of her accession to the thrones of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and the 60th anniversary of her becoming Head of the Commonwealth.  

Feb 11   Israel Air Force conducts four air strikes in Gaza Strip in the year 2012.  

Feb 12   Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow is re-elected president of Turkmenistan with 97% of the vote on this day in history.  

Feb 15   United Kingdom unemployment rate reaches 17 year high of 8.4% on this day in history.  

Feb 17   The President of Germany, Christian Wulff, resigns over a corruption scandal in the year 2012.  

Feb 18   Kateri Tekakwitha canonized as the first native American saint in the year 2012.  

Feb 19   44 people killed in prison brawl in Apocada, Mexico, between two rival drug cartels in the year 2012.  

Feb 19   In the year 2012 iran suspends oil exports to Britain and France following sanctions put in place by the European Union and the United States in January.  

Feb 20   In the year 2012 scientists successfully regenerate Silene stenophylla from a 31,800 year old piece of fruit, greatly surpassing the previous record of 2,000 years  

Feb 21   Greek government debt crisis: Eurozone finance ministers reach an agreement on a second, .130-billion Greek bailout in the year 2012.  

Feb 21   In the year 2012 yemen voters go to the polls for a presidential election where the only candidate on the ballot paper is vice-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi  

Feb 22   Train crash in Buenos Aires, Argentina, kills 50 and injures hundreds in the year 2012.  

Feb 23   A series of bomb attacks across 12 Iraqi cities kills 60 and injures 200 on this day in history.  

Feb 25   On this day in history syrian Army kills 100 civilians in artillery shelling of Homs and Hama  

Feb 26   On this day in history the film The Artist wins five Academy Awards and becomes the first silent film to win since 1927  

Feb 27   In the year 2012 arab Spring: As a result of ongoing protests, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is succeeded by Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi.  

Feb 27   On this day in history wikileaks begins disclosing 5 million emails from private intelligence company Stratfor  

Feb 28   In the year 2012 occupy London protesters evicted from St Paul's Cathedral  

Mar 01   On this day in history euro zone unemployment reaches historical high of 10.7%  

Mar 02   In the year 2012 tornadoes kill at least 27 people in the American states of Indiana and Kentucky  

Mar 03   On this day in history lorry crash in east Guinea kills 50 and injures 27  

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