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Historical Events In 2019

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Mar 23   On this day in history an estimated 400,000 people march in central London in protest against Brexit.  

Mar 23   On this day in history italy signs up to China's Belt and Road Initiative with deals signed in Rome between Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and Chinese President Xi Jinping  

Mar 23   On this day in history the final territory of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, located in Al-Baghuz Fawqani, Syria, is liberated.  

Mar 24   A four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report into U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign is published by the U.S. Attorney General William Barr. It concludes that there was no collusion with Russia - the basis of the investigation - but on the issue of obstruction of justice states: "While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him" in the year 2019.  

Mar 24   On this day in history the 2019 Thai general election takes place, for all 500 seats in the House of Representatives.  

Mar 26   On this day in history michelle Obama 's biography "Becoming" sells over 10 million copies according to its publisher Bertelsmann  

Mar 26   Stolen Pablo Picasso painting "Buste de Femme" (Dora Maar) (1938) recovered after 20 years by Dutch art detective in the year 2019.  

Mar 26   In the year 2019 the European Parliament votes by 348 to 278 in favour of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, which expands legal liability for websites and includes the controversial Article 13.  

Mar 27   Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces the country is now a "space power" after successfully shooting down a satellite from space in a ballistic missile test on this day in history.  

Mar 29   In the year 2019 joe Biden accused of an inappropriate kiss by fellow Democrat Lucy Flores  

Mar 29   Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish releases her debut studio album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" in the year 2019.  

Mar 30   On this day in history pope Francis arrives in Rabat, Morocco, on his first-ever visit to the Magreb region of Northern Africa  

Mar 30   Swedish gamer and YouTuber PewDiePie overtaken by Indian channel T-Series as YouTube channel with most subscribers (both on 92 million) on this day in history.  

Mar 31   Elton John joins George Clooney 's call to boycott hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei after Brunei plans new anti-gay laws to make homosexual sex punishable by death on this day in history.  

Mar 31   On this day in history taiwan scrambles its fighter aircraft after two Chinese jets crossed a maritime border between the two nations. Just the day before, Japan had similarly scrambled its jets when the Chinese flew between two Japanese islands, Miyako and Okinawa.  

Apr 01   Japanese government announces the name of a new era 'Reiwa' for the next Emperor, Crown Prince Naruhito Learn More >> in the year 2019.  

Apr 02   Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigns as President of Algeria amid widespread protests, after nearly two decades in office on this day in history.  

Apr 03   In the year 2019 ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak goes on trial for the 1MDB corruption scandal in Kuala Lumpur, pleads not guilty  

Apr 04   On this day in history second Libyan Civil War: The Libyan National Army (LNA) launches a surprise offensive in western Libya, moving units towards the Government of National Accord-held capital Tripoli and capturing Gharyan. The LNA says that the operation, ordered by General Khalifa Haftar, is aimed at "cleansing the western zone from terrorist groups".  

Apr 07   In the year 2019 retiring NBA legends Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas) and Dwyane Wade (Miami) play their final home games, both victories; Magic Johnson sensationally quits as LA Lakers president of basketball operations; Houston Rockets convert NBA record 27 three-point field goals in 149-113 win over Phoenix  

Apr 07   On this day in history uS President Donald Trump announces Kisrtjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security is leaving her position  

Apr 08   In the year 2019 protests in Sudan against the government of Omar al-Bashir continue with seven killed and 2,500 arrested in Khartoum Learn More >>  

Apr 09   The April 2019 Israeli legislative election takes place, for all 120 seats in the Knesset on this day in history.  

Apr 10   On this day in history first-ever photo of a black hole announced, taken by The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration in 2017 in galaxy M87, 6.5 billion times the mass of earth, 55 million light-years away Learn More >>  

Apr 10   In the year 2019 fossil fragments found in the Callao Cave in the Philippines reveal the existence of the Homo luzonensis species of humans. The species is named after the island where it was discovered, Luzon.  

Apr 10   In the year 2019 scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope project announce the first ever image of a black hole, located in the centre of the M87 galaxy.  

Apr 11   In the year 2019 amid mass protests, Omar al-Bashir is deposed as President of Sudan in a coup d'├ętat, after nearly 30 years in office.  

Apr 11   In the year 2019 sudanese President Omar al-Bashir overthrown and arrested by the army in Khartoum after 29 years in power  

Apr 11   On this day in history the 2019 Indian general election begins, along with elections in six states. Counting takes place on 23 May.  

Apr 11   On this day in history wikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange is arrested after seven years in Ecuador's embassy in London.  

Apr 11   In the year 2019 wikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London by police and arrested on failure to appear in court on US extradition charges  

Apr 14   In the year 2019 83rd US Masters Tournament, Augusta National GC: Tiger Woods wins his 5th Masters title by 1 stroke from Xander Schauffele, Dustin Johnson & Brooks Koepka; Woods' 15th major and first in 11 years  

Apr 15   In the year 2019 aretha Franklin posthumously receives the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation honor, first individual woman to win it since 1930  

Apr 15   During Holy Week, a major fire engulfs Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, resulting in the roof and main spire collapsing in the year 2019.  

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