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Historical Events In April - 10

Thursday, 04 March 2021

1983  Issam Sartawi, PLO ambassador to Portugal, murdered on April - 10.  

1984  Damaged Solar Max satellite snared by Challenger shuttle with help from the Canadian Arm on this day in history.  

1984  US Senate condemns CIA mining of Nicaraguan harbors on this day in history.  

1984  Nate Nelson, R&B-singer (Flamingos-I'll Be Home), dies on 52 birthday on April - 10.  

1985  Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 51-B mission on this day in history.  

1986  Joseph P Addabbo, US defence specialist/(Sen-D), dies at 61 on April - 10.  

1988  On April - 10 cliff Gladwin, cricketer (8 Tests for England 1947-49), dies  

1989  Intel corp announces shipment of "fast" 80486 chip on April - 10.  

1989  On April - 10 intel corp announces shipment of the 80486 chip  

1989  On this day in history joan Barry, dies at 85  

1990  On April - 10 international Joint Commission says Canada and the US must stop dumping toxic substances into Great Lakes  

1991  Kevin Peter Hall, actor (Harry & Hendersons), dies of AIDS at 35 on this day in history.  

1992  NHL strike ends after 10 days on this day in history.  

1992  On April - 10 ken Ward, dies at 37  

1993  Chris Hani, sec-gen South Africian Communist Party, assassinated at 50 on April - 10.  

1994  On April - 10 james L Lyons, jazz promoter, dies at 77  

1995  Chen Yun, VPM of China (1949-75, 79-80), dies on April - 10.  

1996  On April - 10 jessica Dubroff, attempting to be youngest pilot, dies in crash at 7  

2006  On April - 10 romano Prodi narrowly defeats Silvio Berlusconi in the Italian parliamentary elections.  

2010  On April - 10 the President of Poland, Lech KaczyÅ„ski, is among 96 killed when their airplane crashes in western Russia.  

2012  United Nations deadline for Syrian troop withdrawal passes as violence continues on April - 10.  

2013  On this day in history japan and Taiwan sign an agreement on fishing rights around the Senkaku Islands  

2014  88 civilians are killed by barrel bombs from Syrian war planes in Aleppo, Syria on this day in history.  

2017  On this day in history edward Enninful is announced the new Editor of "British Vogue" its first male and black editor  

2017  On this day in history alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigns over relationship with an aide and possible misuse of state funds to cover it up  

2017  On April - 10 "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" directed by James Gunn and starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana premieres in Toyko  

2018  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg begins testifying before US Congress about data use and security on this day in history.  

2019  On this day in history first-ever photo of a black hole announced, taken by The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration in 2017 in galaxy M87, 6.5 billion times the mass of earth, 55 million light-years away Learn More >>  

2019  Scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope project announce the first ever image of a black hole, located in the centre of the M87 galaxy on April - 10.  

2019  Fossil fragments found in the Callao Cave in the Philippines reveal the existence of the Homo luzonensis species of humans. The species is named after the island where it was discovered, Luzon on April - 10.  

2020  On April - 10 kivu Ebola epidemic: The Democratic Republic of the Congo reports the first case of Ebola since February 2020. The outbreak has killed more than 2,200 people since August 2018.  

2020  The ESA/JAXA space probe BepiColombo makes its final gravity assist around Earth and begins to depart for Venus, where it will make several gravity assist maneuvers before finally arriving at Mercury in 2025 on this day in history.  

2020  [COVID-19 pandemic] The death toll from COVID-19 exceeds 100,000 globally, a ten-fold increase from March 20 on this day in history.  

2020  [COVID-19 pandemic] EU finance ministers agree on a €540 billion loan package to alleviate the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic on April - 10.  

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Famous Birthdays In April - 10

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1389  On this day in history birth of cosimo de' Medici, ruler of Florence (d. 1464)  

1512  On this day in history birth of james V, king of Scotland (1513-42)  

1569  Emilia van Nassau, daughter of Willem of Orange & Anna of Saxon was born on this day in history.  

1583  On April - 10 birth of hugo Grotius, Holland, jurist, father of international law  

1633  On this day in history birth of werner Fabricius, composer  

1651  Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, German mathematician (d. 1708) was born on this day in history.  

1656  On April - 10 birth of rené Lepage de Ste-Claire, lord-founder of the town of Rimouski, in New France (d. 1718)  

1695  On this day in history birth of balthazar Huydecoper, Dutch translator/historian  


Famous Deaths In April - 10

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0879  On April - 10 louis II, the stutterer, King of France (877-79), dies  

0947  On this day in history hugo van Arles, count of Arles/king of Italy, dies  

0948  Death of King Hugh of Italy on April - 10.  

1008  Notger, bishop of Luik (972-1008), dies on this day in history.  

1362  Machteld, countess of Holland, dies on April - 10.  

1533  On April - 10 frederik I, King of Denmark/Norway (1523-33), dies at 61  

1545  Death of Costanzo Festa, Italian composer on April - 10.  

1585  On this day in history gregory XIII, [Ugo Buoncampagni], Italian Pope (1572-85), dies  

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