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Historical Events In April - 13

Monday, 18 January 2021

1944  On April - 13 mont Canadiens sweep Chicago Black Hawks for the Stanley Cup  

1944  SC rejects black suffrage on this day in history.  

1944  On this day in history cecile Chaminade, composer, dies at 86  

1945  Allies occupy Wien (Vienna) on April - 13.  

1945  On this day in history president Roosevelt dies.  

1945  Canadian army liberates Teuge & Assen Neth from Nazis on April - 13.  

1946  On April - 13 belgian premier Acker proclaims wage & price freeze over  

1946  William Henry Bell, composer, dies at 72 on April - 13.  

1948  75 scientists ambushed on way to Mount Scopus on April - 13.  

1949  In the Puget Sound area, Washington region a 6.9 earthquake occured between Olympia and Tacoma, along the southern edge of Puget Sound. Property damage in Olympia, Seattle, and Tacoma was estimated at $25 million; eight people were killed on April - 13.  

1949  3rd NBA Championship: Minn Lakers beat Wash Capitols, 4 games to 2 on April - 13.  

1949  On this day in history c V France, dies at 80  

1952  On this day in history [Rosalie] Julia Cuypers, Flemish actress (Adelaarsjong), dies at 79  

1953  1st game of Milwaukee Braves, they beat Cin Reds 2-0 on April - 13.  

1954  Balt Orioles 1st game, loses to Tigers in Detroit 3-0 on this day in history.  

1955  On April - 13 20.33" (51.64 cm) of rainfall, Axis, Alabama (state record)  

1956  KETA TV channel 13 in Oklahoma City, OK (PBS) begins broadcasting on April - 13.  

1957  On April - 13 due to lack of funds, Saturday mail delivery in the US is halted  

1957  On April - 13 "Shinbone Alley" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 49 performances  

1959  USAF launches Discover II into polar orbit on this day in history.  

1959  On this day in history vanguard SLV-5 launched for Earth orbit (failed)  

1959  Vatican edict forbids Roman Catholics for voting for communists on this day in history.  

1959  Eduard A van Beinum, Dutch musician/conductor, dies at 57 on April - 13.  

1960  On April - 13 france becomes the 4th nuclear nation exploding an A-Bomb in Sahara  

1960  France becomes the 4th nuclear nation exploding an A-Bomb in Sahara And atom here, an atom there on this day in history.  

1960  On April - 13 navy's navigation satellite, Transit, placed into orbit from Cape Canaveral, FL and demonstrates ability to launch another satellite  

1960  Transit 1B, first navigational satellite, placed in Earth orbit on this day in history.  

1961  On this day in history uN General Assembly condemns South Africa for apartheid  

1963  On this day in history the birth of Gary Kasparov, Russian world champion chess player  

1964  New Zealand Colin Bosher shears a record 565 sheep in 1 work day on this day in history.  

1964  On April - 13 sidney Poitier became first black man to win Oscar for best actor  

1965  Beatles record "Help" on April - 13.  

1965  Lawrence Bradford Jr, 16 of NYC became first black congressional page on April - 13.  

1966  On this day in history pan Am places $525,000,000 order for 25 Boeing 747s  

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Famous Birthdays In April - 13

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1506  Peter Faber, French Jesuit theologian (d. 1546) was born on this day in history.  

1519  On April - 13 birth of catherine de' Médici, Queen of Spain/daughter of Henry II  

1519  De Medicis, queen consort (Henry II of France) was born on this day in history.  

1545  Elisabeth van Valois, French queen of Spain/daughter of Henri II was born on April - 13.  

1547  On April - 13 birth of elisabeth of Valois, third wife of Philip II of Spain (d. 1568)  

1570  On this day in history birth of guy Fawkes, English Catholic conspirator (d. 1606)  

1573  Christina of Holstein-Gottorp, queen consort of Sweden (d. 1625) was born on this day in history.  

1584  On this day in history birth of albert VI of Bavaria (d. 1666)  


Famous Deaths In April - 13

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0799  Paulus Diaconus Warnafridi, Longobardisch writer, dies on this day in history.  

0814  Death of Krum of Bulgaria on April - 13.  

1093  Death of Prince Vsevolod I of Kiev (b. 1030) on April - 13.  

1279  On this day in history death of boleslaw the Pious, Polish duke  

1517  On this day in history death of tuman Bey, last Mamelukken sultan of Egypt, hanged  

1612  Death of Sasaki Kojirō, Japanese samurai on April - 13.  

1635  Death of Fakhr-al-Din II, Druze Prince of Lebanon (b. 1572) on this day in history.  

1641  On this day in history death of richard Montagu, English clergyman (b. 1577)  

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