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Tuesday, 22 September 2020


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Famous People Born On This Day In History

1506  Peter Faber, French Jesuit theologian (d. 1546) was born on April - 13.  

1519  Catherine de' Médici, Queen of Spain/daughter of Henry II was born on April - 13.  

1519  On April - 13 birth of de Medicis, queen consort (Henry II of France)  

1545  On April - 13 birth of elisabeth van Valois, French queen of Spain/daughter of Henri II  

1547  On April - 13 birth of elisabeth of Valois, third wife of Philip II of Spain (d. 1568)  

1570  On this day in history birth of guy Fawkes, English Catholic conspirator (d. 1606)  

1573  On April - 13 birth of christina of Holstein-Gottorp, queen consort of Sweden (d. 1625)  

1584  On April - 13 birth of albert VI of Bavaria (d. 1666)  


Famous Deaths In {--month--}

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0799  Paulus Diaconus Warnafridi, Longobardisch writer, dies on April - 13.  

0814  Death of Krum of Bulgaria on April - 13.  

1093  Death of Prince Vsevolod I of Kiev (b. 1030) on April - 13.  

1279  On April - 13 death of boleslaw the Pious, Polish duke  

1517  Death of Tuman Bey, last Mamelukken sultan of Egypt, hanged on April - 13.  

1612  On April - 13 death of sasaki Kojirō, Japanese samurai  

1635  On this day in history death of fakhr-al-Din II, Druze Prince of Lebanon (b. 1572)  

1641  Death of Richard Montagu, English clergyman (b. 1577) on this day in history.  

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