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Historical Events In April - 29

Monday, 21 September 2020

1926  France & US reach accord on repayment of WW I on April - 29.  

1926  On this day in history carie Meek, (Rep-D-Florida)  

1927  On this day in history construction of the Spirit of St Louis is completed  

1927  Construction of Spirit of St Louis is completed on this day in history.  

1927  On this day in history betsy Ancker-Johnson, physicist/auto company exec  

1928  Big Jay McNeely, rocker on this day in history.  

1928  On this day in history henrich Federer, Switz, writer (I Switch Off The Light), dies at 61  

1929  Peter Joshua Sculthorpe, composer on April - 29.  

1930  On this day in history c Jackson discovers asteroid #1268 Libya  

1930  On this day in history 123 runs are scored in 7 major league games  

1930  Alf Valentine, cricketer (great West Indian lefty spinner) on this day in history.  

1931  Cleve Indian Wes Ferrell no-hits St Louis Browns, 9-0 on this day in history.  

1934  On April - 29 pitts is last major league city to play a home game on a Sunday  

1935  Leroy Carr, rocker, dies= on April - 29.  

1936  1st pro baseball game in Japan is played Nagoya defeats Daitokyo, 8-5 on April - 29.  

1936  Florentinus M Wibaut, Amsterdam social alderman, dies at 76 on April - 29.  

1937  The birth of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi leader on this day in history.  

1938  G Neujmin discovers asteroid #1484 Postrema on April - 29.  

1939  On this day in history whitestone bridge connecting the Bronx & Queens opens  

1939  On April - 29 whitestone Bridge connecting Bronx & Queens opens  

1940  1st radio broadcast of "Young Dr Malone" on CBS on April - 29.  

1942  On April - 29 japanese troop march into Lashio, cuts off Burma Road  

1943  Dietrich Bonhoeffer arrested by nazis on April - 29.  

1943  Joseph Achron, Latvian violinist/composer (Golem suite), dies at 56 on April - 29.  

1944  On this day in history fast carrier task force (12 carriers) commence 2 day bombing of Truk  

1944  On this day in history hMCS ATHABASKAN (RCN), sunk off north coast of Brittany, France in English Channel, 10 miles north of Ile de Vierge - by 1 or 2 torpedoes from German torpedo boat T.24.While covering minelaying operation of Brittany with Canadian destroyer 'Haida'.  

1944  On April - 29 surprise attack by Van de Peat on General Landsdrukkerij in the Hague  

1945  Canadians start air dropping food supplies to the starving Dutch on this day in history.  

1945  The German armed foces in Italy surrender to the allies on April - 29.  

1945  On this day in history the German commanding officer in Italy surrenders to General Alexander of the U.S. 5th Army unit.  

1945  On April - 29 uS liberates Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, Germany  

1945  1st food drop by RAF above nazi-occupied Holland (operation Manna) on this day in history.  

1946  On April - 29 28 former Japanese leaders indicted in Tokyo as war criminals  

1947  On this day in history irving Fisher, US economist, dies at 80  

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Famous Birthdays In April - 29

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1584  Melchior Teschner, composer was born on April - 29.  

1636  Esaias Reusner, composer was born on this day in history.  

1660  Matthias Henriksen Schacht, composer was born on this day in history.  

1665  On this day in history birth of james Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, Irish statesman and soldier (d. 1745)  

1667  John Arbuthnot, Scottish writer (Alexander Pope) was born on April - 29.  

1686  On April - 29 birth of peregrine Bertie, 2nd Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, English statesman (d. 1742)  

1727  On this day in history birth of jean-Georges Noverre, French dancer/choreographer (ballet d'action)  

1745  On April - 29 birth of oliver Ellsworth, 3rd Chief Justice Supreme Court (1796-1800)  


Famous Deaths In April - 29

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0852  On this day in history amalarius/Fortunatus/Symphosius of Metz/Lyon, bishop, dies at 76  

0926  On April - 29 death of burchard II, Duke of Swabia  

1380  On April - 29 death of catherine of Siena, Italian saint (b. 1347)  

1499  On this day in history john IV, Dutch army leader/earl of Egmond, dies  

1535  Death of John Houghton, English, executed on April - 29.  

1594  Death of Thomas Cooper, English bishop, lexicographer, and writer on April - 29.  

1630  On April - 29 death of agrippa d'Aubigné, French poet (b. 1552)  

1658  Death of John Cleveland, English poet (b. 1613) on April - 29.  

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