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Historical Events In August - 02

Thursday, 02 July 2020

1923  On this day in history warren Harding, 29th Pres (1921-23), dies at Palace Hotel SF at 57  

1924  Carroll O'Connor born (Archie Bunker in All in the Family) on this day in history.  

1924  The birth of James Baldwin, American writer on August - 02.  

1924  Joe Hauser sets record of 14 total bases in a game on August - 02.  

1924  On August - 02 james Baldwin, NY, author (Go Tell it on Mountain, Another Country)  

1925  On this day in history alan Wicker, British broadcaster  

1926  On this day in history betsy Bloomingdale, dept store mogul  

1927  Brian Neill, British Lord Justice of Appeal on August - 02.  

1928  Mussolini signs peace treaty with Abyssinia (Ethiopia) on this day in history.  

1929  On this day in history phillies Don Hurst sets NL record of 6 consecutive games with a HR  

1931  On August - 02 spanish Catalonia agrees (99+%) for autonomous status  

1932  On this day in history the birth of Peter O'Toole, British actor  

1932  Charlie Grimm replaces Roger Hornsby as manager of Chic Cubs on August - 02.  

1932  Gheorghe Cucu, composer, dies at 50 on August - 02.  

1934  On August - 02 death of Hindenberg. Hitler becomes head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Hitler proclaims himself "Fuehrer" and forces all military personnel to swear allegience to him.  

1934  On August - 02 william Franks twirls an indian club overhead 17,280 times in 1 hour  

1934  On August - 02 1st airplane train, plane tows 3 mail gliders behind it  

1934  Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Hindenburg, soldier/statesman, dies at 86 on August - 02.  

1937  On this day in history the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed in America, essentially rendering marijuana and all its by-products illegal.  

1938  On August - 02 1st test of a yellow baseball (Dodgers vs Cardinals)  

1938  Bjarni Thorsteinsson, composer, dies at 76 on this day in history.  

1939  Hatch Act prohibits political activity by federal workers on August - 02.  

1940  On this day in history clermont-Ferrand sentences Gen Charles de Gaulle to death  

1941  Jews are expelled from Hungarian Ruthenia on this day in history.  

1941  German 11st Army surrounds 20 Russian divisions at Oeman on August - 02.  

1941  Jose Juan Tablada, Mexican poet (La Feria), dies at 70 on August - 02.  

1942  On August - 02 250 Dutch Catholic Jews arrested, transported to Amersfoort camp  

1942  On August - 02 friedrich Aereboe, Dutch landlord, dies at 77  

1943  On August - 02 pT-109, under command of LTJG John F. Kennedy, cut in half by Japanese cruiser  

1943  On August - 02 revolt in Treblinka.  

1943  On this day in history armed revolt breaks out in Treblinka  

1944  On this day in history amsterdam soccer team "The Volewijckers" plays in orange shirts  

1945  On this day in history potsdam Conference ended, with Stalin, Truman & Churchill  

1945  On August - 02 emil Nikolaus von Reznicek, composer (Donna Diana), dies at 85  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 02

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1455  On this day in history birth of johan Cicero, elect of Brandenburg (1486-99)  

1533  Theodor Zwinger, Swiss scholar (d. 1588) was born on this day in history.  

1627  On August - 02 birth of samuel Dircksz van Hoogstraten, Dutch painter  

1632  Kaspar von Stieler, German poet (Teutsche Wolredner) was born on this day in history.  

1672  On August - 02 birth of johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Swiss scholar (d. 1733)  

1674  On August - 02 birth of philip II, Duke of Orléans, Regent of France (d. 1723)  

1696  Mahmud I, Sultan of Ottoman (Turkey) (1730-54)/fought Austria & Russia was born on August - 02.  

1703  On August - 02 birth of lorenzo Ricci, Italian Jesuit leader (d. 1775)  


Famous Deaths In August - 02

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0257  Stefanus I, bishop of Rome (254-57)/heretic fighter, dies on this day in history.  

0640  Severinus, Italian Pope (640), dies on August - 02.  

0686  On this day in history john V, 1st Greeks-Syrian Pope (685-86), dies  

0924  On this day in history death of Ælfweard of Wessex  

1002  Abu Amir Mohammed ibn Abd allah ibn Mohammed ibn Abi Amir, dies at 64 on this day in history.  

1075  John VIII Xiphilinus, theologian/patriarch of Constantinople, dies on this day in history.  

1100  On August - 02 death of william II, [Rufus], king of England, shot in New Forest at 44  

1222  Death of Count Raymond VI of Toulouse (b. 1156) on this day in history.  

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