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Historical Events In August - 06

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

1974  Explosion &fire destory Great Northern RR yard in Wenatchee, Wash on this day in history.  

1976  On this day in history gregor Piatigorsky, Russian cellist, dies at 73  

1978  On this day in history pope Paul VI dies of heart attack at summer residence at 80  

1978  On this day in history edward Durrell Stone, US architect, dies at 76  

1979  On this day in history kurt Kaszner actor (Cmdr Fitzhugh-Land of the Giants), dies at 65  

1979  On August - 06 kurt Kasznar, actor (Cmdr Fitzhugh-Land of the Giants), dies at 65  

1980  Charles Urbanus, Dutch baseball player, dies at 66 on August - 06.  

1981  NASA launches Fltsatcom-5, it failed on this day in history.  

1983  On this day in history minn Vikings beat St Louis Cards 28-10 in London, England (NFL expo)  

1984  203.05 million shares traded in NY Stock Exchange on this day in history.  

1985  On August - 06 19th space shuttle mission (51-F), Challenger 8, lands at Edwards AFB  

1986  Phil Katz releases PKARC version 1.0, for the IBM on August - 06.  

1986  William J Schroeder (world's longest-survivor with permanent artificial heart, dies after 620 days with Jarvik VII man-made pump) on this day in history.  

1986  On August - 06 emilio Fernandez, director (La Choca, Flor Silvestre), dies at 82  

1987  Ira C Eaker, commandant USAF in Europe (WW II), dies at 91 on August - 06.  

1988  Anatoli S Levchenko, cosmonaut (TM-4), dies of brain tumor at 47 on August - 06.  

1989  On this day in history boston Red Sox retire Carl Yastrezemski's #8  

1989  Pilot Union tells pilots okay to cross Eastern Airlines picket lines on this day in history.  

1990  President George Bush orders Operation Desert Shield on August - 06.  

1990  UN Security Council votes 13-0 (2 abstentions Cuba &Yemen) to place economic sanctions against Iraq on August - 06.  

1990  Charles Arnt, actor (Double Exposure), dies of pancreatic cancer at 82 on this day in history.  

1991  Harry Reasoner newscaster (Host on 60 Minutes), dies at 68 on August - 06.  

1997  On this day in history korean Airlines Flight 801 crashed on Guam  

2005  On August - 06 an ATR-72 heading from Italy to Tunisia crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, killing 16 of 39 on board.  

2005  On August - 06 death of Carlo Little, influential UK rock and roll drummer (b.1938)  

2007  On August - 06 israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrives in historic Palestianian town of Jericho, becoming the first Prime Minister of Israel to visit the West Bank or Gaza Strip in over seven years. Olmert met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.  

2007  On August - 06 the Crandall Canyon Mine in Emery County, Utah collapses, trapping six miners.  

2011  On August - 06 a helicopter containing members of Navy SEAL 6 is shot down in Afghanistan killing 38.  

2012  Mount Tongariro, New Zealand, erupts for the first time in a century on August - 06.  

2012  On August - 06 curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory mission's rover, successfully lands on Mars.  

2013  On August - 06 18 people are killed and 55 are wounded by a car bomb explosion in Damascus, Syria  

2017  Women's Euro 2017: The Netherlands defeat Denmark 4-2 in Enschede, The Netherlands on this day in history.  

2017  On this day in history women's British Golf Open: South Korea's In-Kyung Kim wins with a course record-equalling 64 at Kingsbarns, Scotland  

2018  On August - 06 south Sudan peace accord signed between South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar in Sudan attempting to end 5 years of civil war  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 06

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1180  On this day in history birth of emperor Go-Toba of Japan (d. 1239)  

1504  On this day in history birth of matthew "Nosey" Parker, archbishop of Canterbury  

1609  Richard Bennett, British Colonial Governor of Virginia (d. 1675) was born on August - 06.  

1619  Barbara Strozzi, composer was born on this day in history.  

1638  Nicolas de Malebranche, French philosopher was born on this day in history.  

1644  On this day in history birth of francoise L de la Baume Le Blanc, French mistress of Louis XIV  

1651  On August - 06 birth of francois Fenelon, France, writer (Playing for Time)  

1651  On this day in history birth of johann Michael Zacher, composer  


Famous Deaths In August - 06

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0258  Death of Sixtus II, bishop of Rome (257-58), beheaded on this day in history.  

0523  On this day in history hormisdas, Pope (514-23), dies  

0966  On this day in history death of berengarius II, markgraaf of Ivrea/king of Italy (950-963)  

1162  On August - 06 death of ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona  

1195  On this day in history henry de Leeuw, duke of Saxon/Bayern, dies  

1221  Death of Dominicus, Italian religious order founder (Dominicans) on this day in history.  

1272  On August - 06 stefanus V, prince of Transylvania/king of Hungary (1270-72), dies  

1414  Death of King Ladislas of Naples (b. 1377) on August - 06.  

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