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Historical Events In August - 11

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

1962  Beach Boys release "Surfin' Safari" on August - 11.  

1963  On August - 11 kingston Trio are mystery guest on "What's My Line?"  

1964  On this day in history beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" opens in NYC  

1964  Race riot in Paterson NJ on August - 11.  

1965  6 day insurrection starts in Watts section of Los Angeles on this day in history.  

1965  On August - 11 beatles movie "Help" opens in NYC  

1965  Bill Woodfull, cricketer (35 Tests for Australia), dies on August - 11.  

1966  On August - 11 indonesian Malaysian peace agreement signed in Djakarta  

1966  Last Beatle concert tour of the US begins on this day in history.  

1968  On August - 11 lucien Cerfaux, Belgian biblical scholar, dies  

1972  On August - 11 max Theiler, S Afr/US microbiologist (vaccin-Nobel 1951), dies at 73  

1973  Peggy Castle, actress (Lily Merrill-Lawman), dies of cirrhosis at 46 on this day in history.  

1974  On this day in history head-on collision between two buses kills 21 (Ankara, Turkey)  

1974  On this day in history jack Hill, cricketer (3 Tests for Australia 1953-55, 8 wickets), dies  

1975  On this day in history uS vetoes proposed admission of North and South Vietnam to UN  

1975  Anthony C McAuliffe, US gen/commandant 101st div (Nuts!), dies at 77 on this day in history.  

1976  On August - 11 keith Moon, drummer for the Who, collapses and is hospitalized in Miami  

1977  The first CH-46E Sea Knight with newly developed fiberglass rotor blades was flown by Marine Corps helicopter pilots on this day in history.  

1978  On August - 11 funeral of Pope Paul VI  

1982  Tom Drake, actor (Green Years, Warkill), dies of lung cancer at 63 on this day in history.  

1984  On this day in history carl Lewis duplicates Jesse Owens' 1936 feat, wins 4 Olym track golds  

1984  On this day in history during a radio voice test Pres Reagan joked he "signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes"  

1984  On August - 11 alfred A Knopf, US publisher, dies at 91  

1985  Challenger flies to Kennedy Space Center via Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz on August - 11.  

1987  Clara Peller, commercial spokesperson (Wendy's), dies at 86 on this day in history.  

1988  Meir Kahane renounced US citizenship to stay in Israeli Parliament on this day in history.  

1988  On this day in history anne Ramsey, actress (Throw Mama From Train), dies of cancer at 59  

1989  "Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child" premiers on August - 11.  

1989  Voyager 2 discovers 2 partial rings of Neptune on this day in history.  

1989  On August - 11 john Meillon, actor (Wild Duck, Crocodile Dundee), dies  

1989  On August - 11 "Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" premiers  

1990  On this day in history egypt and Morocco troops land in Saudi Arabia to prevent Iraqi invasion  

1991  On August - 11 jef Contryn, Flemish pioneer puppet theatre, dies at 89  

1994  On August - 11 history was made on August 11, 1994, when the first retail transaction on the Internet was carried out using a readily available version of powerful data encryption software designed to guarantee privacy.  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 11

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1467  On this day in history birth of mary of York, English princess (d. 1482)  

1600  Paul Hallman, composer was born on August - 11.  

1613  On August - 11 birth of cristoph Kaldenbach, composer  

1635  On August - 11 birth of thomas Betterton, London, actor/dramatist (Coriolanus)  

1667  On this day in history birth of anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, last of the Medicis (d. 1743)  

1673  On this day in history birth of richard Mead, London, physician  

1718  On August - 11 birth of sir Frederick Haldimand, Swiss-born British colonial governor (d. 1791)  

1720  On August - 11 birth of martin Gerbert, composer  


Famous Deaths In August - 11

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0353  Death of Magnentius, Roman usurper (b. 303) on August - 11.  

0449  On this day in history death of flavian, Patriarch of Constantinople  

0480  Death of Leonidas, King of Sparta (b. circa 540 BC) on August - 11.  

0897  Death of Wilfred the Hairy, Count of Barcelona on this day in history.  

1171  Louis I, Earl of Wage/Rieneck, dies on this day in history.  

1180  On this day in history guillaume de/Willem van Sens, Fren master builder (Canterbury), dies  

1183  On this day in history christian I, archbishop of Mainz, dies  

1204  Death of King Guttorm of Norway (b. 1199) on August - 11.  

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