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Historical Events In August - 21

Friday, 04 December 2020

1981  On this day in history hermann Schey, German/Neth singer, dies at 85  

1982  On this day in history sobhuza II, king of Swaziland/Ngwane (1921-82), dies  

1983  Benigno S Aquino Jr, Philippines opposition leader, killed at 50 on August - 21.  

1984  On this day in history australia's federal budget speech is televised live from Canberra for the first time  

1984  On August - 21 widespread arrests on the eve of South African coloured elections  

1985  Near Coast of Northern Peru a 6.3 quake injured at least 100 people, 60 homes destroyed and damage to other buildings in the Chimbote area on August - 21.  

1985  On this day in history premier Neville Wran ratifies legislation in NSW to make AIDS a notifiable disease.  

1986  On this day in history a report on the Chernobyl disaster blames 'human error'  

1986  Lake Nios Volcanic eruption in Cameroon releases poison gas, killing 1,746 on August - 21.  

1986  Lake Nyos disaster in Cameroon killing 1,746 people on this day in history.  

1987  Clayton Lonetree, first marine court-martialed for spying, convicted on this day in history.  

1987  Karl Bruck, entertainer, dies on August - 21.  

1988  Cease fire between Iran and Iraq takes effect after 8 years of war on August - 21.  

1988  On this day in history hans Gunther Adler, German writer, dies at 78  

1989  On this day in history fifty-one people drown in the River Thames, London when a dredger rams the pleasure cruiser Marchioness.  

1989  On this day in history soviet Union reveals deadliest weapon in its air force arsenal, needle-nosed bomber that NATO calls the Blackjack  

1989  Voyager 2 begins a flyby of the planet Neptune on this day in history.  

1990  Gang of convicts from Siberian labour camp overpower guards aboard Aeroflot passenger flight, hijack plane to Pakistan and seek political asylum on August - 21.  

1990  George Adamson, British conservationist (Born Free), murdered in Kenya on this day in history.  

1991  Attempted coup against Mikial Gorbachev stopped by Boris Yeltsin on this day in history.  

1991  On August - 21 communist coup is crushed in USSR in 2 days  

1991  Oswald von Nell-Breuning, German theologist/philosopher, dies at 101 on August - 21.  

1992  On August - 21 lucille Brown, actress (Farina-Our Gang), dies after illness at 74  

1994  On this day in history danitra Vance, comedienne (SNL), dies of breast cancer at 35  

1995  NSW Police Royal Commission key witness Trevor Haken accuses 35 high ranking officers and others of corruption on August - 21.  

1995  On this day in history anatole Fistoulari, conductor, dies at 88  

1996  On August - 21 rosa Joyce Plesters Brommelie, conservation scientist, dies at 69  

1997  Death of Norris Bradbury, American physicist who led the team charged with assembling the components for the world's first atomic bomb explosion on August - 21.  

1997  On this day in history misael Pastrana Borrero, Pres of Colombia (1970-74), dies  

2000  British troops are rushed on to Belfast streets after two men are killed in a violent feud between Protestant guerrilla groups on August - 21.  

2005  On August - 21 british Rock Band The Rolling Stones kicks off their a Bigger Bang tour with a show in Fenway Park, Boston  

2007  Hurricane Dean, a powerful Category 5 storm, slams into a largely evacuated Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico on August - 21.  

2007  STS-118 lands at the Kennedy Space Center, completing Space Shuttle Endeavour's 19th flight on August - 21.  

2012  20 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo die from the Ebola virus on August - 21.  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 21

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1165  On August - 21 birth of philip II Augustus, 1st great Capetian king of France (1179-1223)  

1535  Shimazu Yoshihiro, Japanese samurai and warlord (d. 1619) was born on this day in history.  

1567  On August - 21 birth of francois de Sales, French bishop of Geneva/writer/saint  

1597  On August - 21 birth of roger Twysden, English antiquarian and royalist (d. 1672)  

1642  On this day in history birth of johann Friedrich Treiber, composer  

1643  Afonso VI, king of Portugal (1656-67) (mentally ill) was born on this day in history.  

1660  Hubert Gautier, engineer, wrote 1st book on bridge building was born on August - 21.  

1665  On this day in history birth of giacomo F. Maraldi, French-Italian astronomer (d. 1729)  


Famous Deaths In August - 21

Famous People Died On This Day In History

1131  Boudouin II van Bourg, king of Jerusalem, dies on August - 21.  

1157  Death of King Alfonso VII of Castile (b. 1104/1105) on August - 21.  

1190  Godfried III, duke of Brabant (Grimbergse war), dies on August - 21.  

1245  Alexander van Hales, English scholar, dies on this day in history.  

1271  Death of Alphonse of Toulouse, son of Louis VIII of France (b. 1220) on August - 21.  

1516  John III van Egmont, [Manke John], viceroy of Holland, dies at 78 on this day in history.  

1581  On August - 21 death of sakuma Nobumori, Japanese retainer and samurai (b. 1527)  

1614  On this day in history death of elizabeth B├íthory, the world's most prolific female serial killer (b. 1560)  

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