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Historical Events In August - 27

Friday, 04 December 2020

1886  On this day in history eric Coates, Hucknall Nottinghamshire England, viola player/composer  

1887  On this day in history wilhelm Volkmar, composer, dies at 74  

1890  On this day in history man Ray, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, American artist and photographe (Dada)  

1892  The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City is heavily damaged by fire on this day in history.  

1892  NYC Metropolitan Opera House catches fire on August - 27.  

1894  Congress passes Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act, which includes a graduated income tax later struck down by the Supreme Court on this day in history.  

1894  Charles Meredith, Knoxville Pa, actor (Court of Last Resort) on this day in history.  

1895  15th US Mens Tennis: Fred H Hovey beats Robert D Wrenn (63 62 64) on August - 27.  

1896  On this day in history zanzibar loses to England in a 38 minute war (9 02 AM-9 40 AM)  

1896  On August - 27 england defeated Zanzibar in a 38-minute war (9:02 AM-9:40 AM)  

1896  Zanzibar loses to England in a 38 minute war (9:02 AM-9:40 AM) on August - 27.  

1897  Roger Bresnahan debuts as Wash Senator pitcher (later HOF catcher) on this day in history.  

1897  On August - 27 ad van Emmenes, Dutch soccer reporter  

1898  Enny de Leeuwe, [Engelina], actress (Anatevka)/wife of Pierre Mols on August - 27.  

1899  The birth of C.S Forester, English novelist on August - 27.  

1899  Byron Foulger, Ogden UT, actor (River's Edge, Up in Smoke) on this day in history.  

1900  On August - 27 battle at Bergendal: Gen Buller beats Boer general Botha  

1901  Al Ritz, [Joaquim], Newark NJ, actor (Ritz Brothers, Hi Ya Chum) on August - 27.  

1902  Herbert Menges, composer on this day in history.  

1903  On this day in history 23rd US Mens Tennis: Hugh L Doherty beats William A Larned (60 63 108)  

1903  Xavier Villaurrutia, Mexican poet (Nocturno de los Angeles) on August - 27.  

1905  Alexander Johnston, CEO (Board of Inland Revenue) on this day in history.  

1908  Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club re-organizes as the Tigers on this day in history.  

1908  Donald [George] Bradman, Australian cricketer (6,996 runs) on August - 27.  

1909  Jack Chesbro's final Yankee game on this day in history.  

1909  Lester W "Pres" Young, US jazz saxophonist on this day in history.  

1910  The birth of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Nobel Peace Prize winner on this day in history.  

1910  On August - 27 using 20, 137,000 candlepower arc lights, 2 amateur baseball teams play a night game at White Sox Park  

1910  Clement of Maasdijk, 1st Dutch aircraft death on August - 27.  

1911  Chic White Sox Ed Walsh no-hits Boston, 5-0 on August - 27.  

1911  On August - 27 patience Edney, nurse/communist  

1912  Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes Tarzan of the Apes on this day in history.  

1912  Edgar Rice Burroughs' publishes "Tarzan of the Apes" on this day in history.  

1912  On August - 27 peter Gretton, British vice admiral  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 27

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1407  On August - 27 birth of ashikaga Yoshikazu, Japanese shogun (d. 1425)  

1471  George von Saksen-Meissen, German potester of Frisia was born on August - 27.  

1471  George, Duke of Saxony (d. 1539) was born on August - 27.  

1487  On August - 27 birth of anna of Brandenburg, queen of Denmark (d. 1514)  

1545  Alessandro Farnese, Duke of Parma/general/diplomat was born on this day in history.  

1562  On August - 27 birth of hans Leo Hassler, composer  

1583  On August - 27 birth of simon Besler, composer  

1630  On this day in history birth of maria van Oosterwijck, Dutch flower painter  


Famous Deaths In August - 27

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0542  Death of Saint Caesarius of Arles on this day in history.  

0827  Death of Pope Eugene II on August - 27.  

1208  On this day in history irene Angelina, daughter of Isaac II Angeles, dies  

1312  Death of Arthur II, Duke of Brittany (b. 1262) on this day in history.  

1394  Death of Chokei, Emperor of Japan (b. 1343) on August - 27.  

1450  Death of Reginald West, 6th Baron De La Warr, English politician (b. 1395) on this day in history.  

1521  Josquin Des Prez, composer, dies on August - 27.  

1522  On this day in history giovanni A Amadei/Amadeo, Italian sculptor/architect, dies at about 75  

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