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Historical Events In December - 07

Saturday, 06 March 2021

1983  2 jets collided at Madrid Airport killing 93 on this day in history.  

1983  On this day in history edgar Graham, member of N Ireland Assembly, shot dead by IRA  

1984  On this day in history jeanne Cagney, actress (Quicksand, Kentucky Rifle), dies at 65  

1985  Atlantis returns to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB on December - 07.  

1985  On December - 07 potter Stewart, 94th Supreme Court Justice (1958-81), dies in NH at 70  

1987  43 die in Pacific Southwest Airline crash in California (man shot pilots) on December - 07.  

1987  On December - 07 gorbachev arrives in the US for a summit meeting  

1988  On this day in history armenian SSR rocked by earthquake, 8 on Richter scale (55,000 die)  

1988  Gorbachev announces 10% unilateral Soviet troop reductions at UN on December - 07.  

1988  Mikhail Gorbachev cheered by Wall St crowds upon arrival in NYC on December - 07.  

1988  Yasser Arafat recognizes existence of Israel on December - 07.  

1988  Andrei P Ershov, Russian computer pioneer, dies on December - 07.  

1988  On December - 07 armenian earthquake in Armenia killing 25,000 people  

1990  Iraqi parliament endorses Saddam's decision to free hostages on this day in history.  

1990  On December - 07 ted Turner and Jane Fonda announce their engagement  

1990  Delecta "Dee" Clark, US singer (Raindrops), dies at 52 on December - 07.  

1992  Maurice Coutinho, writer/translator (Silent Struggle), dies at 79 on December - 07.  

1993  South African transitional executive council set up on this day in history.  

1993  On December - 07 félix Houphouet-Boigny, pres of Ivory Coast (1960-93), dies at 88  

1994  On this day in history elga Andersen, German/French model/actress (Global Affair), dies at 58  

1995  Bill Gates announced that Microsoft would shift its entire business focus to the Internet on this day in history.  

1995  Galileo arrives on Jupiter on this day in history.  

1995  Larry Bartlett, photographer, dies at 42 on December - 07.  

1996  On December - 07 eugene Izzi, mystery writer, hangs himself at 43  

2005  On December - 07 a U.S. Federal Air Marshal fatally shoots Rigoberto Alpizar on a jetway at Miami International Airport in Florida.  

2005  On December - 07 european Union TLD .eu is launched, and replaced Initially this will be only for business purposes. From 7 April 206 onwards, EU citizens can also register .eu domains.  

2007  On December - 07 uranus' orbit will be positioned such that the sun shines directly above its equator (i.e. an equinox)  

2014  The Syrian military accuse Israel of carrying out two air strikes on Syria on this day in history.  

2017  Naples' pizza spinning given UNESCO intangible heritage status along with Germany's organ music, Kyrgystan's Kok boru and India's Kumbh festival on this day in history.  

2017  On this day in history australia's parliament votes to legalize gay marriage  

2017  On this day in history virtual currency Bitcoin rises in value, passing $18,440 on some exchanges  

2017  Unrest in West Bank and Gaza, schools closed and a general strike in response to America's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital on December - 07.  

2017  On this day in history cristiano Ronaldo wins his 5th FIFA Ballon d’Or to equal Lionel Messi's record  

2017  Pantone's 2018 Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet on December - 07.  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 07

Famous People Born On This Day In History

0521  On December - 07 birth of saint Columba, Irish Christian missionary to Scotland (d. 597)  

0903  On this day in history birth of abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi, Persian astronomer (d. 986)  

1302  Azzone Visconti lord of Milan (d. 1339) was born on December - 07.  

1542  On this day in history birth of mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (1560-1587)  

1545  Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, consort of Mary I of Scotland (d. 1567) was born on December - 07.  

1557  Girolamo Trombeti, composer was born on this day in history.  

1561  Kikkawa Hiroie, Japanese politician (d. 1625) was born on this day in history.  

1598  Giovanni Bernini, Italy, baroque sculptor (St Teresa in Ecstasy) was born on this day in history.  


Famous Deaths In December - 07

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0043  On December - 07 death of cicero, Roman politician and author (b. 106 BC)  

0283  On this day in history death of pope Eutychian  

0983  On this day in history otto II the Red, German king/emperor (973-83), dies at about 28  

1254  On this day in history innocent IV, [Sinibaldo dei Fieschi], Pope (1243-54), dies  

1279  Death of King Boleslaus V of Poland (b. 1226) on December - 07.  

1295  On this day in history death of gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, English politician (b. 1243)  

1383  On this day in history wenceslaus, duke of Brabant, dies  

1498  Death of Alexander Hegius von Heek, German humanist on December - 07.  

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