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Historical Events In December - 08

Sunday, 27 September 2020

1916  On December - 08 dorothy Mae Ballard, labor union rep  

1917  Rufo I Wever, Aruban pianist/composer (Ca'i Organ) on December - 08.  

1918  On December - 08 ian Johnson, cricketer (Australian Test captbetween Hassett & Craig)  

1919  On this day in history hans-Dieter Hosalla, composer  

1920  On this day in history emmanuel McDonald Bailey, Trinidad, 100m runner (Olympic-bronze-1952)  

1921  On this day in history eamon de Valera publicly repudiates Anglo-Irish Treaty  

1921  Johnny Otis, Calif, R&B talent scout (Cold Shot, Cuttin' Up) on December - 08.  

1922  George Fullerton, cricketer (South African keeper-batsman 1947-51) on December - 08.  

1923  On this day in history german-US friendship treaty signed  

1923  On December - 08 rudolph Pariser, Chinese-born American chemist  

1923  Dom Joseph Pothier, French Benedictine/musicologist, dies at 88 on December - 08.  

1924  Franz X Scharwenka, German pianist/composer (Mataswintha), dies at 74 on December - 08.  

1925  Sammy Davis, Jr. entertainer was born on this day on this day in history.  

1925  On this day in history the birth of Sammy Davis Jr., American actor  

1925  James E "Jimmy" Smith, US jazz/organist (Walk on the Wild Side) on this day in history.  

1925  On this day in history sammy Davis, Jr. entertainer: was born on this day  

1926  On this day in history disappearance of Agatha Christie  

1926  Jan Six, Dutch art historian/collector, dies on December - 08.  

1927  On this day in history vladimir Aleksandrovich Shatalov, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 4, 8, 10)  

1930  On this day in history broadway Theater opens at 1681 Broadway NYC  

1931  Coaxial cable patented on December - 08.  

1933  On December - 08 flip (Clerow) Wilson Emmy Award-winning comedy writer was born  

1933  Secretary of the Navy establishes Fleet Marine Force, integrating a ready-to-deploy Marine force with own aircraft into Fleet organization on December - 08.  

1934  On December - 08 friedrich Wolf's "Professor Mamlock," premieres in Zurich  

1934  Bernhard Seklas, composer, dies at 62 on December - 08.  

1935  On December - 08 the Japanese military police launches a violent suppression of the religious sect Oomoto, beginning with a crackdown on the sect's operational bases of Ayabe and Kameoka in Kyoto Prefecture and the arrest of its leader Onisaburo Deguchi.  

1936  Anastasio Somoza elected pres of Nicaragua on this day in history.  

1938  On December - 08 highest temperature for December in US recorded in La Mesa Calif  

1939  On this day in history ernest Schelling, composer, dies at 63  

1940  On December - 08 german Luftwaffe launches massive attack on London  

1940  1st NFL championship on national radio; Bears beat Redskins 73-0 on this day in history.  

1941  As a result of the attack on Pearl Harbour, Britain, the United States and Australia declare war on Japan on this day in history.  

1941  US declares war on Japan on this day in history.  

1941  On December - 08 uSS Wake (PR-3), a river gunboat moored at Shanghai, is only U.S. vessel to surrender during World War II.  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 08

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1508  On this day in history birth of gemma Frisius, [Jemme Reinersz], Frisian geographer/astronomer  

1574  Maria Anna of Bavaria, Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire (d. 1616) was born on this day in history.  

1626  Christina, queen of Sweden who abdicated after becoming Catholic was born on December - 08.  

1678  Horatio Walpole, 1st Baron Walpole of Wolterton, English diplomat (d. 1757) was born on this day in history.  

1699  On December - 08 birth of maria Josepha of Austria, queen of Poland (d. 1757)  

1704  Anton de Haen, medical expert (Ratio Medendi) was born on December - 08.  

1708  On December - 08 birth of francis I, Holy Roman emperor (1745-1765)  

1715  John Althuysen, Frisian vicar/poet (Frisianche rymlery) was born on December - 08.  


Famous Deaths In December - 08

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0644  On this day in history death of omar I, 2nd kalief of Islam, murdered  

0899  On this day in history arnulf of Carinthia, last emperor of Austria-France, dies  

1292  John Peckham, English archbishop of Canterbury, dies at 62 on December - 08.  

1587  On this day in history death of mary, Queen of Scots (1560-1587), executed  

1596  On this day in history death of luis de Carabajal, 1st Jewish author in America, executed in Mexico  

1626  On this day in history death of john Davies, English poet (b. 1569)  

1632  Death of Philippe van Lansberge, Flemish astronomer (b. 1561) on this day in history.  

1643  John Pym, English House of Commons member, dies at about 59 on December - 08.  

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