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Historical Events In December - 11

Monday, 04 July 2022

1932  On this day in history sF's coldest day (27°F)  

1932  Anne Heywood, [Violet Pretty], Engl, Miss GB (1949)/actress (Brain) on December - 11.  

1933  Earnest P van Altena, author/interpreter (Chansons van Earnest) on this day in history.  

1933  Emile C Wauters, Belgian painter (Van der Goes Klooster), dies at 87 on this day in history.  

1934  1935 All-Star Game is assigned to Cleveland on this day in history.  

1934  On December - 11 salim Durani, cricketer (successful Indian batsman of 60's)  

1935  Femke Boersma, Dutch actress (Verjaring, Pastorale 1943) on December - 11.  

1936  On this day in history king Edward VIII of England abdicates for woman he loves  

1936  On this day in history king Edward VIII marries Mrs Wallis Simpson; abdicates throne Duke of York becomes King George VI  

1936  Hans van den Broek, Dutch foreign minister (-1992) on December - 11.  

1937  Italy withdraws from League of Nations on December - 11.  

1937  25th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Argonauts defeats Winn Blue Bombers, 30-7 on December - 11.  

1937  On this day in history adrian J Vlok, South African NP-minister of Law & Order (1986- )  

1938  On this day in history nY Giants win NFL championship  

1939  On December - 11 betty Grable and her famous legs were featured on the cover of LIFE magazine  

1939  On this day in history douglas Fairbanks Snr., star of stage and screen, dies  

1939  New anti Jewish measurements in Poland, proclaimed on December - 11.  

1940  On December - 11 russian general Zhukov warns of German assault  

1941  Buick lowered its prices to reflect the absence of spare tires or inner tubes from its new cars. Widespread shortages caused by World War II had led to many quotas and laws designed to conserve America's resources on December - 11.  

1941  On this day in history germany and Italy declare war on US  

1941  On December - 11 japanese occupy Guam  

1941  Dutch government in London declares war on Italy on this day in history.  

1942  On this day in history australian/Dutch guerrilla troops evacuated to Timor near Australia  

1944  Surprise attack on House of Keeping Axe, 29 prisoners freed on December - 11.  

1945  Het Parool publishes 1st Captain Rob-strip on this day in history.  

1946  On December - 11 uN Children's Fund (UNICEF) established (Nobel 1965)  

1946  On this day in history hank Williams begins to record on Sterling label  

1947  "Angel in the Wings" opens at Coronet Theater NYC for 308 performances on this day in history.  

1948  On December - 11 wHEN (now WTVH) TV channel 5 in Syracuse, NY (CBS) begins broadcasting  

1949  On this day in history chic Bear Johnny Lujack passes for 6 touchdowns vs Chic Cards (52-29)  

1950  On this day in history baseball owners vote 9-7 not to renew Commissioner Chandler's contract  

1951  Joe Dimaggio announces his baseball retirement on this day in history.  

1953  On this day in history kTVA, Anchorage becomes Alaska's first TV station  

1953  On December - 11 kTVA TV channel 11 in Anchorage (CBS) becomes Alaska's 1st TV station  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 11

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1465  On December - 11 birth of ashikaga Yoshihisa, Japanese shogun (d. 1489)  

1475  On December - 11 birth of leo X, [Giovanni de' Medici], Italy, Pope (1513-21)  

1475  Pope Leo X (d. 1521) was born on December - 11.  

1566  Manuel Cardoso, composer was born on December - 11.  

1676  On December - 11 birth of johann Georg Weichenberger, composer  

1709  On this day in history birth of louise Elisabeth of OrlĂ©ans, queen consort of Spain (d. 1742)  

1712  Francesco Algarotti, Italian earl/encyclopedic (Viaggio in Russia) was born on this day in history.  

1725  George Mason, American statesman (d. 1792) was born on this day in history.  

Famous Deaths In December - 11

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0384  Death of Pope Damasus I on December - 11.  

0711  Justitianus II, emperor of Byzantium, dies at about 42 on this day in history.  

1121  Death of Al-Afdal Shahanshah, Caliph of Egypt (b. 1066) on December - 11.  

1226  On December - 11 death of robert de Ros, English politician (b. 1177)  

1282  Llywelyn ab Gruffydd, monarch of North Wales (1246-77), dies on this day in history.  

1282  On December - 11 death of llywelyn the Last (b. c.1228), the last native Prince of Wales, is killed at Cilmeri, near Builth Wells, south Wales.  

1524  On this day in history death of henry Van Zutphen, Dutch protestant martyr, burned at stake  

1532  On December - 11 death of pietro Accolti, Italian Catholic cardinal (b. 1455)  

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