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Historical Events In December - 12

Sunday, 25 September 2022

1983  A truck bomb explodes at the US Embassy in Kuwait on this day in history.  

1985  248 US soldiers & 8 crew members die in Arrow Air charter crash in Newfoundland on December - 12.  

1985  Anne Baxter, actress (Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel), dies at 62 on this day in history.  

1986  On this day in history microlite aircraft circles world non-stop  

1987  Louis de Meester, composer, dies at 83 on December - 12.  

1988  On this day in history nYC Subway system adds new stations (the Z line)  

1988  Sandra Miller of Queens sues Mike Tyson for sexual harassment on this day in history.  

1988  John Canning, NY Post managing editor, dies at 56 on December - 12.  

1989  First revenue train runs through the CP Rail 9.1 mile Mount MacDonald Tunnel. This is the longest rail tunnel in the Americas on this day in history.  

1990  US ambassador to Kuwait, Nathaniel Howell leaves Kuwait on December - 12.  

1991  Actor Richard Gere marries super model Cindy Crawford on this day in history.  

1991  Orion Pictures filed Chapter 11 for bankruptcy protection on this day in history.  

1991  On December - 12 salman Rushdie faces new death threats, after a paperback edition of 'The Satanic Verses' is published  

1991  Eleanor Boardman, actor (Crowd), dies in at 93 on December - 12.  

1992  On December - 12 bernard CJ Lievegoed, Dutch anthroposopher (Free College), dies at 87  

1992  Flores earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia killing 2,500 people on December - 12.  

1993  On this day in history ultra-Nationalists make strong gains in Russian elections dec13  

1993  Gerard "Ge" Nabrink, Dutch anarchist/NVSH-founder, dies at 90 on this day in history.  

1994  Antoine Pinay, French PM (1952)/foreign minister, dies at 102 on this day in history.  

1995  On this day in history andrew Olle, broadcaster, dies at 48  

2005  Scientists announced that they had created mice with small amounts of human brain cells in an effort to make realistic models of neurological disorders on December - 12.  

2006  Peugeot produce their last car at the Ryton Plant signalling the end of mass car production in a city that was once a major centre of the British motor industry; Coventry on December - 12.  

2007  Election by the Swiss Parliament of Switzerland's highest executive authority, the Swiss Federal Council (7 members). All the sitting members are confirmed, except Christoph Blocher, who in an upset is replaced by Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. This is only the sixth time in Swiss history a sitting member is not reconfirmed on December - 12.  

2014  UN climate change talks in Peru continue past scheduled time as negotiations continue to stall on December - 12.  

2017  On December - 12 australian shopping mall firm Westfield is bought by French property company Unibail-Rodamco for $15.7 billion  

2017  On this day in history democrat Doug Jones defeats Republican Roy Moore for Alabama Senate seat in upset win marked by allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore  

2018  Michael Cohen, former lawyer for US President Donald Trump sentenced to three years in prison for campaign-finance violations and tax fraud on December - 12.  

2018  China built 88 out of world's 143 skyscrapers in 2018 more than any country ever (buildings over 200 meters/656 ft) on this day in history.  

2018  American Media Inc. publisher of "National Enquirer" admits paying hush money to mistresses of US President Donald Trump on this day in history.  

2018  On this day in history seven mass graves in former Islamic State area discovered containing hundreds of bodies, some tortured, near Albu Kamal, eastern Syria  

2018  On this day in history russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev compete complex spacewalk to fix hole in Soyuz spacecraft  

2018  British Prime Minister Theresa May survives 200-117 no-confidence vote from own Conservative Party on December - 12.  

2019  British General Election won by Boris Johnson 's Conservative Party in landslide win with 80 seat majority. Scottish National Party also wins 48 of 59 seats in Scotland on this day in history.  

2019  On this day in history the 2019 United Kingdom general election takes place for all 650 seats in the House of Commons.  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 12

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1298  On December - 12 birth of albert II of Austria (d. 1358)  

1418  On December - 12 birth of albert VI of Austria (d. 1463)  

1574  Anne van Denemarken, daughter of Danish King Frederik II was born on this day in history.  

1574  On this day in history birth of anne of Denmark, queen consort of James I of England (d. 1619)  

1579  Heinrich Steuccius, composer was born on December - 12.  

1610  Saint Vasilije (d. 1671) was born on December - 12.  

1630  Olof Rudbeck, composer was born on this day in history.  

1659  On this day in history birth of francesco Galli-Bibiena, Italian architect/designer (d. 1739)  

Famous Deaths In December - 12

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0884  On this day in history carloman, co-king of France (879, 882-884), dies  

1112  On December - 12 tancred, monarch of Galilea/Edessa/Antioch, dies  

1204  On December - 12 maimonides, [Moses Ben Maimon], Span/Egyptian rabbi, dies at 69  

1212  On December - 12 death of geoffrey, Archbishop of York  

1263  Hakon IV, Gamli, King of Norway (1217-63), dies on this day in history.  

1574  On this day in history death of selim II, Ottoman Sultan (b. 1524)  

1586  On December - 12 death of stefan Batory, King of Poland (b. 1533)  

1600  John Craig, Scottish church reformer/James VI's court vicar, dies on this day in history.  

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