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Historical Events In December - 15

Monday, 16 May 2022

1952  "Two's Company" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 90 performances on this day in history.  

1953  On December - 15 wJHG TV channel 7 in Panama City, FL (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting  

1953  On December - 15 kishio Hirao, composer, dies at 46  

1954  On December - 15 davy Crockett, Indian Fighter was featured on Walt Disney’s TV series for the first time. Crockett was played by Fess Parker.  

1954  On December - 15 netherlands Antilles becomes co-equal part of Kingdom of Netherlands  

1954  On December - 15 fordham University scraps football team for financial reasons  

1956  On this day in history emergency crisis in North Ireland proclaimed after IRA strikes  

1959  Everly Brothers record "Let It Be Me" on this day in history.  

1960  King Boudouin of Belgium marries dona Fabiola de Mora y Aragon on December - 15.  

1961  Adolf Eichmann convicted of crimes against humanity in Israel on this day in history.  

1961  William "Dummy" Hoy, professional baseball player, dies at 99 on December - 15.  

1962  Vaughn Meader's "The first Family," album goes #1 and stays #1 for 12 wks on this day in history.  

1962  On this day in history charles Laughton, English actor (Hunchback of Notre Dame), dies at 63  

1964  On this day in history canada adopts maple leaf flag  

1964  Maple Leaf' formally adopted as the symbol for the Canadian national flag on December - 15.  

1965  On December - 15 3rd cyclone of year kills another 10,000 at mouths of Ganges River, Bangladesh  

1965  On this day in history gemini 6 launched; makes first rendezvous in space (with Gemini 7)  

1965  In the first raid on a major North Vietnamese industrial target, U.S. Air Force planes destroy a thermal power plant at Uong Bi, l4 miles north of Haiphong. The plant reportedly supplied about 15 percent of North Vietnam's total electric power production on December - 15.  

1966  Audouin Dollfus discovers 10th satellite of Saturn, Janus on December - 15.  

1966  On December - 15 one of the greatest names in children’s television and movie production died on this day. Walt (Walter Elias) Disney died in Burbank, California. Mr. Disney was 65 years old.  

1966  Walt Disney, animator, dies at 65, put in suspended animation on this day in history.  

1967  Beatles release "Christmas Time is Here Again" on December - 15.  

1967  The Silver Bridge across the Ohio River collapsed during rush hour. Dozens of cars fell into the icy water. Forty-six people lost their lives in the accident, and many others were injured on this day in history.  

1968  On this day in history jess Willard, Heavyweight boxing champ (1915-19), dies at 86  

1969  San Francisco Fire Department replaces leather helmets with plastic ones on this day in history.  

1970  Ferryboat capsized in Korean Strait drowning 261 on this day in history.  

1970  On this day in history soviet Venera 7 is first spacecraft to land on another planet (Venus)  

1972  Edward Earle, actor (Charlie Chan-Meeting at Midnight), dies at 90 on December - 15.  

1973  On December - 15 jean Paul Getty III, grandson of billionaire J. Paul Getty, is found alive in southern Italy five months after his kidnapping.  

1973  Pirates of Caribbean opens at Disneyland on this day in history.  

1973  Orest Alexandrovich Evlahkov, composer, dies at 61 on this day in history.  

1974  On December - 15 erich Walter Sternberg, composer, dies at 83  

1975  On this day in history mukhtar Ashrafi, composer, dies at 63  

1976  On this day in history argo Merchant tanker off Massachusetts' SE coast, spills 7.6 m gallons of crude when the ship runs aground  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 15

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1534  On December - 15 birth of lucas Osiander, composer  

1567  Christoph Demantius, composer was born on December - 15.  

1574  Samuel Besler, composer was born on December - 15.  

1610  On this day in history birth of david Teniers II, Flemish courtpainter (Theatrum Pictorium)  

1648  On this day in history birth of gregory King, English statistician (Natural & Political Observations)  

1657  Michel-Richard Delalande, composer was born on this day in history.  

1667  Ludwig Ernst, composer was born on December - 15.  

1720  On this day in history birth of j F Beck, writer  

Famous Deaths In December - 15

Famous People Died On This Day In History

1025  On December - 15 basilius II, the Bulgarendoder, Byzantine emperor (976-1025), dies  

1072  On this day in history death of alp Arslan, Turkish sultan in Persia (b. 1029)  

1230  On this day in history ottokar I, king of Bohemia (1197-1230), dies  

1263  On this day in history death of king Haakon IV of Norway (b. 1204)  

1515  Alfonso de Albuquerque, viceroy of Portuguese Indies, dies on this day in history.  

1576  On December - 15 joachim Hopperus, [Hoppers], Frisian lawyer/politician, dies at 53  

1598  Philip van Marnix, Flemish ruler of St Aldegonde/poet, dies at 58 on this day in history.  

1621  On December - 15 charles d'albert duke of Luynes/PM of France, dies at 43  

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