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Historical Events In December - 21

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

1936  Bradman's 2nd consecutive Test Cricket duck! Australia all out 80 on this day in history.  

1937  Snow White the first feature-length color and sound cartoon premiers on this day in history.  

1937  On this day in history the birth of Jane Fonda, American actress  

1937  1st feature-length color & sound cartoon premieres (Snow White) on this day in history.  

1937  On this day in history frank Kellog, US foreign minister (Nobel 1929), dies at 80  

1939  On December - 21 hitler named Adolf Eichmann leader of "Referat IV B"  

1940  On this day in history f Scott Fitzgerald, author (Zelda), dies of a heart attack at 44  

1941  On December - 21 hMS AUDACITY, sunk east of Azores by 3 torpedoes from German U-751.  

1941  Chicago Bears Ray McLean makes last NFL drop kick for an extra point on December - 21.  

1942  US Supreme court declares Nevada separation legal on this day in history.  

1942  On this day in history leendert Round, sculptor (Giraffen, Blijdorp), dies at 63  

1943  On this day in history uSS Grayling (SS-208) sinks fourth Japanese ship since 18 December.  

1944  On this day in history cards' Marty Marion wins NL MVP  

1945  On this day in history "Billion Dollar Baby" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 219 performances  

1945  George S Patton, US General (Sicily/Normandy), dies in car crash at 60 on December - 21.  

1946  On this day in history "If the Shoe Fits" closes at Century Theater NYC after 20 performances  

1948  On this day in history o'Neil Place in the Bronx erronously renamed O'Neill Place  

1948  On December - 21 seishiro Itagaki, Japanese General/min of War, hanged  

1949  Dutch 1st Chamber accept soeveregnty of Indonesia on December - 21.  

1950  On this day in history cole Porte's musical "Out of this World" premieres at New Century Theater NYC for 157 perfs  

1951  First helicopter landing aboard a hospital ship, USS Consolation on this day in history.  

1951  Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement on December - 21.  

1952  Broadway Tunnel opens in SF on December - 21.  

1953  On this day in history kOMU TV channel 8 in Columbia, MO (NBC/PBS) begins broadcasting  

1954  Dr Sam Sheppard's wife Marilyn is murdered (he is accused of crime) on this day in history.  

1955  On this day in history dorothy Bernard, actress (Margaret-Life With Father), dies at 65  

1956  On December - 21 lewis M Terman, psychologist (Genetic studies of genius), dies at 79  

1957  On December - 21 indonesia proclaims end to state of war  

1957  On this day in history eric Coates, composer, dies at 71  

1958  Charles de Gaulle elected President of France on December - 21.  

1958  On December - 21 charles De Gaulle wins 7 year term as 1st pres of 5th Rep of France  

1958  On December - 21 h[arry] B[yron] Warner, actor (10 Commandments, New Moon), dies at 83  

1959  On December - 21 10th largest snowfall in NYC history (13.7")  

1961  Beatles record "Sweet Georgia Brown" & "Ready Teddy" on December - 21.  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 21

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1117  Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury was born on December - 21.  

1401  Tommaso Masaccio, Italian painter (d. 1428) was born on December - 21.  

1518  Mark van Vaernewijck, Flemish nobleman/politician was born on December - 21.  

1537  On this day in history birth of johan III, king of Sweden (1569-92)  

1596  On December - 21 birth of petro Mohyla, Moldovan Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of Kiev and Galicia (d. 1646)  

1603  On December - 21 birth of roger Williams, English theologian and colonist (d. 1684)  

1616  On December - 21 birth of pietro Andrea Ziani, composer  

1628  Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, composer was born on December - 21.  


Famous Deaths In December - 21

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0072  Death of Thomas the Apostle on this day in history.  

0918  Conrad I, Duke of Franconia/German King (911-918), dies on December - 21.  

1295  Death of Marguerite Berenger of Provence, wife of Louis IX of France (bc. 1221) on this day in history.  

1308  Henry I, the Child, 1st landgrave of Hessen (1256-1308), dies on this day in history.  

1375  Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian poet (Vita di Dante), dies on December - 21.  

1504  On this day in history death of bertold von Henneberg-Römhild, German archbishop and elector (b. 1442)  

1549  Death of Marguerite of Navarre, wife of Henry II of Navarre (b. 1492) on this day in history.  

1579  On this day in history death of vicente Masip, Spanish painter  

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