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Historical Events In December - 29

Monday, 15 August 2022

1809  On December - 29 albert Pike, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1891  

1812  The USS Constitution under the command of Captain William Bainbridge, captures the HMS Java off the coast of Brazil after a three hour battle on December - 29.  

1813  On December - 29 british soldiers burn the town of Buffalo, New York, during this War of 1812 battle.  

1813  Major General Phineas Riall attacks villages of Black Rock and Buffalo with a party of Canadian militia and Indians to get revenge on burning of Newark and Queenston on Dec. 10 on this day in history.  

1813  British burn Buffalo, NY during War of 1812 on this day in history.  

1813  Etienne-Joseph Soubre, composer on December - 29.  

1815  Saartjie Baartman, Hottentot Venus, dies in Paris on December - 29.  

1821  Jean-Baptiste Dumonceau de Bergendael, S Neth general, dies at 61 on December - 29.  

1822  On December - 29 albert Christoph Dies, composer, dies at 67  

1825  Giuseppe Maria Gioacchino Cambini, composer, dies on December - 29.  

1831  Adam Badeau, Bvt Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1895 on December - 29.  

1833  On this day in history john James Ingalls, (Rep-Ks)  

1835  On December - 29 the Treaty of New Echota is signed, ceding all the lands of the Cherokee east of the Mississippi River to the United States.  

1835  Charles-Joseph Tolbecque, composer, dies at 29 on December - 29.  

1836  On December - 29 johann Baptist Schenk, composer, dies at 83  

1837  On this day in history canadian militia destroy Caroline, a US steamboat docked at Buffalo  

1837  On December - 29 royal Navy Commander Andrew Drew 1792-1878 and a group of Canadian militiamen cross the Niagara River to Fort Schlosser, and capture the American supply steamer Caroline, burn the ship and set her adrife in the river towards Niagra FAlls  

1837  Steam-powered threshing machine patented, Winthrop, Maine on December - 29.  

1841  On this day in history king/grand duke Willem II installs Order of Eikenkroon  

1845  Texas is admitted as the 28th state of the US on December - 29.  

1845  On December - 29 texas admitted as 28th state  

1847  On this day in history william Crotch, composer, dies at 72  

1848  On December - 29 gas lights first installed at White House (Polk's administration)  

1848  On this day in history gaslights are installed in the White House.  

1848  Gas lights 1st installed at White House (Polk's administration) on this day in history.  

1850  On December - 29 tomas Breton y Hernandez, composer  

1851  First Young Men's Christian Association chapter opened (Boston) on December - 29.  

1851  On December - 29 the first YMCA in the USA is organized in Boston.  

1851  1st Young Men's Christian Association chapter opened (Boston) on December - 29.  

1852  On this day in history emma Snodgrass arrested in Boston for wearing pants  

1856  Thomas J Stieltjes, mathematician (Stieltjes integral) on December - 29.  

1857  On this day in history franz Liszt's "Die Hunnenschlacht," premieres in Weimar  

1859  Venustiano Carranza, pres of Mexico (1915-20) on this day in history.  

1860  On December - 29 the first British seagoing iron-clad warship, HMS Warrior is launched.  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 29

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1563  Francesco Maria Guaitoli, composer was born on December - 29.  

1586  On this day in history birth of francisco de Moncada, Spanish earl of Osuna/marquis of Aytona  

1678  On this day in history birth of gotthard Wagner, composer  

1709  On this day in history birth of elisabeth Petrovna, tsarina of Russia/daughter of Peter the Great  

1721  On December - 29 birth of madame De Pompadour, mistress of French King Louis the 15th  

1743  Alexander van Bylandt, Dutch military officer was born on this day in history.  

1767  Aime Ambroise Simon Leborne, composer was born on December - 29.  

1776  On this day in history birth of charles Macintosh, Scotland, patented waterproof fabric  

Famous Deaths In December - 29

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0721  On this day in history death of empress Gemmei of Japan (b. 661)  

1141  Death of Yue Fei, Chinese general, executed on December - 29.  

1170  Death of Thomas Beckett, archbishop, assassinated by 4 knights of King Henry II on this day in history.  

1558  Hermann Finck, composer, dies at 31 on this day in history.  

1563  Death of Sebastian Castellio, French theologian (b. 1515) on this day in history.  

1619  On this day in history antoine Arnauld, French lawyer (Philippica), dies  

1630  On this day in history jan Baptist Stalpart van der Wiele, RC pastor/lyricist, dies at 51  

1634  On this day in history death of john Albert Vasa, Polish bishop (b. 1612)  

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