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Famous Birthdays In 1316

Friday, 03 July 2020

Mar 02 In the year 1316 birth of robert II, the Steward, King of Scotland (1371-90)

May 14 Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1378) was born in the year 1316.

May 14 Charles IV, King of Bohemia (1346-78)/emperor (1355-78) was born in the year 1316.

Nov 15 Jean I, king of France (Nov 15-19, 1316) (he lived only 4 days) was born in the year 1316.


Famous Deaths In 1316

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Mar 02 Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert I of Scotland (b. 1296) died on this day in history.

Jun 04 On this day in history louis X, King of France (1314-16), dies at 26

Jul 05 In the year 1316 death of infante Ferdinand of Majorca (b. 1278)

Nov 19 Jan I, king of France (Nov 15-19 1316), dies in the year 1316.

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