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Famous Birthdays In 1815

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Dec 23 Henry Highland Garnet, Maryland, minister/abolitionist/diplomat was born in the year 1815.

Dec 25 Temistocle Solera, composer was born in the year 1815.

Dec 26 In the year 1815 birth of israel Bush Richardson, Mjr General (Union volunteers), died in 1862

Dec 31 George Gordon Meade, Major General (Union Army), died in 1872 was born on this day in history.

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Famous Deaths In 1815

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 08 In the year 1815 edward Pakenham, Engl general (Battle of New Orleans), dies in battle

Jan 15 Emma, Lady Hamilton, English mistress of Lord Nelson (b. 1761 died on this day in history.

Jan 21 M Claudius, writer, dies at 74 in the year 1815.

Jan 31 On this day in history death of josé Félix Ribas, Venezuelan independentist leader (b. 1775)

Feb 04 On this day in history geert Reinders, Dutch cattle breeder/inoculation proponent, dies at 77

Feb 17 Franz Gotz, composer, dies at 59 in the year 1815.

Feb 19 On this day in history leonhard von Call, composer, dies at 47

Feb 24 Robert Fulton, steamboat pioneer, dies in the year 1815.

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