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Famous Deaths In 1113

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Apr 16 Sviatopolk II of Kiev, Russian prince (b. 1050) died in the year 1113. Click To Send On Whatsapp

Jun 19 Odo/Odardus van Kamerijk, French writer/bishop of Kamerijk, dies in the year 1113. Click To Send On Whatsapp

Aug 04 Gertrude of Saxony (b. 1030) died on this day in history. Click To Send On Whatsapp

Oct 02 In the year 1113 mawdoed, Selchuk emir/governor of Mosul, dies Click To Send On Whatsapp


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Famous Birthdays In 1113

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Aug 24 In the year 1113 birth of geoffrey Plantagenet, France, conquered Normandy Click To Send On Whatsapp

Aug 24 On this day in history birth of geoffrey of Anjou, Count of Anjou (d. 1151) Click To Send On Whatsapp

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How do you assess Donald Trump's first year in office as the US president?
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