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Historical Events Happened In October - 23

Thursday, 23 October 2014

0425  Valentinian III is elevated as Roman Emperor, at the age of 6 today in history.  

0502  On October - 23 the Synodus Palmaris, called by Gothic king Theodoric the Great, discharges Pope Symmachus of all charges, thus ending the schism of Antipope Laurentius.  

0585  Burgundy king Guntram opens synod of Mâcon (Mastico) on October - 23.  

0787  Today in history byzantine empress Irene recovers Iconclastic cult at Nicaea  

1086  On October - 23 a Muslim army from Africa defeats Castile's Alfonso VI October 23 at Zallaka Yusuf ibn Tashfin, Berber leader of the Almoravids, sends cartloads of Christian heads to the chief cities of Spain and Africa's Magrib as evidence of his victory  

1086  On this day in history battle of Zalaka: Alfonso VI vs Almoravids  

1091  Tornado (possible T8/F4) strikes the heart of London killing 2 and demolishing the then wooden London Bridge today in history.  

1157  The Battle of Grathe Heath ends the civil war in Denmark. King Sweyn III is killed and Valdemar I restores the country on this day in history.  

1229  On October - 23 otto II becomes earl of Gelre  

1520  Today in history king Carlos I crowned, German emperor Charles V  

1588  On this day in history medina Sidonia's Spanish Armada returns to Santander  

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Famous Birthdays In October - 23

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1503  On October - 23 birth of isabella of Portugal, queen of Spain and empress of Germany (d. 1539)  

1516  Charlotte de Valois, princess of France (d. 1524) was born today in history.  

1543  On October - 23 birth of juan de la Cueva, Spain, dramatist  

1634  Hedvig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp, Queen of Sweden (d. 1715) was born today in history.  

1654  On October - 23 birth of johann Bernhard Staudt, composer  

1698  Today in history birth of ange-Jacques Gabriel, French court architect (Palace de la Concorde)  

1705  Today in history birth of maximilian Ulysses Count Browne, Austrian field marshal (d. 1757)  

1713  Today in history birth of peter Burmannus Secundus, [Pieter Burman], Dutch classicist  

Famous Deaths In October - 23

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0930  Death of Daigo, Emperor of Japan (b. 885) today in history.  

1260  Death of Koetoez, Turkish sultan of Egypt, murdered on October - 23.  

1450  On October - 23 johannes van Capestrano, Italian saint, dies at 70  

1456  On October - 23 death of giovanni da Capistrano, Italian saint (b. 1386)  

1550  Death of Tiedemann Giese, Polish Catholic bishop (b. 1480) today in history.  

1581  On October - 23 death of michael Neander, German mathematician and astronomer (b. 1529)  

1602  Franciscus Junius, French/Neth calvinist theologist/vicar, dies at 57 on October - 23.  

1616  Today in history death of leonhard Hutter, German theologian (b. 1563)