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Historical Events Happened In February - 13

Saturday, 13 February 2016

1130  Pope Honorius II dies this day and Gregorio Papareschi is elected to succeed him as Innocent II, but Cardinal Pierleone is elected as an antipope, and Innocent flees to France today in history.  

1130  On February - 13 gregorio de' Papareschi elected as Pope Innocent II  

1258  Baghdad falls to the Mongols, and the Abbasid Caliphate is destroyed today in history.  

1349  On February - 13 jews are expelled from Burgsordf Switzerland  

1503  Disfida di Barletta today in history.  

1510  Charles of Gelre conquerors Oldenzaal on February - 13.  

1542  Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of England's King Henry VIII, is beheaded for adultery today in history.  

1545  Today in history willem of Nassau becomes prince of Orange  

1566  St Augustine FL founded on this day in history.  

1566  Today in history st. Augustine, Florida is founded.  

1566  St Augustine, Florida founded today in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In February - 13

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1440  Hartmann Schedel, German physician/humanist/historian was born today in history.  

1457  Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bold and wife of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1482) was born on February - 13.  

1480  Girolamo Aleandro, Italian Catholic cardinal (d. 1542) was born today in history.  

1599  On this day in history birth of alexander VII, [Fabio Chigi], Siena Italy, pope (1655-67)  

1610  Jean de la Badie, French divine, founder of Lagardists was born today in history.  

1622  Adam Pijnacker, landscape painter/etcher, baptized was born today in history.  

1658  Jan B Wellekens, Dutch poet/painter was born today in history.  

1660  Johann Sigismund Kusser, composer was born today in history.  

Famous Deaths In February - 13

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0858  On February - 13 death of kenneth I of Scotland  

1130  Today in history honorius II, [Lamberto], Pope (1124-30), dies  

1141  Death of Béla II of Hungary (b. 1110) on February - 13.  

1199  On February - 13 stefanus Nemanja (Symeon), monk, dies  

1219  Today in history death of minamoto no Sanetomo, Japanese shogun (b. 1192)  

1237  Death of Jordanus of Saxon, 2nd general of Dominicans, drowns on February - 13.  

1315  On this day in history jean I of Chalon-Arlay, mayor of Neuchôtel, dies  

1332  On February - 13 andronicus II Paleologus, Byzantine emperor (1282-1328)/monk, dies  


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