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Famous Deaths In 1624

Friday, 30 January 2015

Feb 12 On this day in history death of george Heriot, Scottish goldsmith and philanthropist (b. 1563)

Feb 13 On this day in history death of stephen Gosson, English satirist (b. 1554)

Feb 17 On this day in history death of juan de Mariana, Spanish historian (b. 1536)

Feb 21 In the year 1624 dirck van Baburen, Dutch painter (Sepulture), dies at about 28

Jun 07 Anne of Saint Bartolomaeus, Flemish nun/monk/saint, dies at 74 in the year 1624.

Jul 25 Steven van der Haghen, admiral/gov on Ambon 1617-8, dies at about 61 in the year 1624.

Sep 20 On this day in history isaac Le Maire, Amsterdam ship owner, dies at about 66

Sep 23 In the year 1624 willem Pietersz Buytewech, painter/etcher, dies at about 32

Nov 10 In the year 1624 death of henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, English patron of the theater (b. 1573)

Dec 05 In the year 1624 death of gaspard Bauhin, Swiss botanist (b. 1560)

Dec 14 Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, English statesman (b. 1536) died in the year 1624.

Dec 26 Simon Marius, astronomer, dies in Bavaria at 54 in the year 1624.

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Famous Birthdays In 1624

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Jan 03 William Tucker, 1st Black child born in America was born in the year 1624.

Jan 09 In the year 1624 birth of empress Meishō (d. 1696)

Jan 30 Arnold Geulincx, South Netherland, philosopher (About Virtue) was born in the year 1624.

Mar 21 Francois Roberday, composer was born in the year 1624.

Jun 02 In the year 1624 birth of jan III Sobieski, King of Poland (1674-96)

Jun 15 Hiob Ludolf, German orientalist (d. 1704) was born in the year 1624.

Aug 05 On this day in history birth of william, Jamestown Va, 1st black child born in English America

Aug 22 On this day in history birth of jean Renaud de Segrais, French writer (d. 1701)