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Famous Deaths In 1659

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Jan 16 Charles Annibal Fabrot, French lawyer (b. 1580) died in the year 1659.

Jan 18 Benedikt Lechler, composer, dies at 64 in the year 1659.

Feb 17 In the year 1659 death of abel Servien, French diplomat (b. 1593)

Feb 27 Henry Dunster, first President of Harvard College (b. 1609) died in the year 1659.

Apr 15 Simon Dach, German poet, dies in the year 1659.

Jun 03 Morgan Llwyd, Welsh Puritan preacher and writer (b. 1619) died on this day in history.

Sep 05 In the year 1659 pieter de Carpentier, Flemish gov-gen of Neth East-Indies, dies at 71

Oct 08 Jean de Quen, French Jesuit missionary died in the year 1659.

Oct 10 On this day in history able J Tasmania, navigator/discovered (Tasmania, NZ), dies at about 56

Oct 27 Marmaduke Stevenson, Quaker in Boston, hanged died on this day in history.

Oct 31 On this day in history death of john Bradshaw, English judge (b. 1602)

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Famous Birthdays In 1659

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Jan 17 In the year 1659 birth of antonio Veracini, composer

Jan 21 Adriaen van der Werff, Dutch portrait painter/engraver/architect was born in the year 1659.

Feb 01 Jacob Roggeveen, Dutch Swiss lawyer/navigator (Easter Island) was born on this day in history.

Mar 07 Henry Purcell, English organist/composer (Dido & Aeneas) was born in the year 1659.

Mar 08 On this day in history birth of isaac de Beausobre, French Protestant pastor (d. 1738)

Mar 26 William Wollaston, Coton England, philosopher was born in the year 1659.

May 16 On this day in history birth of campegius Vitringa, Dutch theologist

Jun 03 David Gregory, Scottish astronomer (d. 1708) was born in the year 1659.