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Famous Deaths In 1740

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Jan 02 In the year 1740 johann Georg Weichenberger, composer, dies at 63

Jan 05 Antonio Lotti, Italian opera composer, dies at about 72 in the year 1740.

Jan 27 In the year 1740 death of louis Henri, Duc de Bourbon, Prime Minister of France (b. 1692)

Feb 08 In the year 1740 clement XII, [Lorenzo Corsini], blind Pope (1730-40), dies at 87

Feb 09 Vincenz Lubeck, composer, dies at 85 on this day in history.

Feb 29 Pietro Ottoboni, Italian cardinal (b. 1667) died in the year 1740.

Apr 23 In the year 1740 thomas Tickell, poet, dies

Apr 25 In the year 1740 death of shrimant Baji Rao Vishwanath Bhat, also known as Baji Rao I, a general and Peshwa (b. 1699)

May 15 Ephraim Chambers, English encyclopaedist (b. 1680) died on this day in history.

May 31 On this day in history frederick-William I, King of Prussia (1713-1740), dies at 51

Jun 01 On this day in history death of samuel Werenfels, Swiss theologian (b. 1657)

Jun 06 In the year 1740 death of alexander Spotswood, British governor of Virginia Colony

Jun 17 On this day in history death of sir William Wyndham, English politician (b. 1687)

Jul 19 In the year 1740 francois van Aerssen, Dutch vice-admiral (Suriname), dies at 71

Oct 05 On this day in history death of johann Philipp Baratier, German scholar (b. 1721)

Oct 20 Karl VI, German emperor (1711-40), dies in the year 1740.

Oct 28 In the year 1740 anna Ivanova Romanova, empress of Russia (1730-40), dies at 47

Dec 20 On this day in history death of richard Boyle, 2nd Viscount Shannon, English military officer and statesman (b. 1675)

Dec 26 In the year 1740 mauritius Louis II earl of Nassau, lt-gen (12 children), dies

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Famous Birthdays In 1740

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Feb 03 On this day in history birth of guillaume Lasceux, composer

Feb 07 Adam-Philippe Custine, French earl/general/MP was born on this day in history.

Feb 12 In the year 1740 birth of matej Sojka, composer

Feb 15 Ernst Eichner, composer was born on this day in history.

Feb 16 On this day in history birth of giambattista Bodoni, Saluzzo Italy, printer/typeface designer (Bodoni)

Feb 17 Horace B de Saussure, Swiss physicist/geologist was born on this day in history.

Mar 06 Giovanni Meli, Siclian poet (Buccolica) was born in the year 1740.

Mar 19 Johann Georg Roser, composer was born in the year 1740.