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Historical Events For 1635

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sep 07   Pal Esterhazy, composer in the year 1635.  

Sep 12   On this day in history sweden & Poland sign ceasefire Treaty of Stuhmsdorf  

Sep 18   Emperor Ferdinand II declares war on France on this day in history.  

Oct 09   In the year 1635 religious dissident Roger Williams banished from Mass Bay Colony  

Oct 09   Roger Williams (no relation to the famous country singer some 300 years his junior), is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious views in the year 1635.  

Nov 02   In the year 1635 aurelio Signoretti, composer, dies at 68  

Dec 01   On this day in history melchior Teschner, composer, dies at 51  

Dec 18   In the year 1635 antonius Matthaeus, Dutch lawyer/historian  

Dec 25   Samuel de Champlain c1567-1635 dies at Quebec on Christmas Day, age 68, after stroke paralyzed him in October; in the year 1635.  

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Famous Birthdays In 1635

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Jan 08   On this day in history birth of luis Manuel Fernández de Portocarrero, Spanish Archbishop (d. 1709)  

Jan 13   In the year 1635 birth of philipp Jakob Spener, German theologian (d. 1705)  

Feb 01   On this day in history birth of marquard Gude, German archaeologist (d. 1689)  

Feb 18   On this day in history birth of johan Göransson Gyllenstierna, Swedish statesman (d. 1680)  

Feb 25   On this day in history birth of walraad, the Elder, Dutch fieldmarshall/earl of Nassau-Usingen  

Apr 16   Frans van Mieris, the Elder, Dutch painter was born on this day in history.  

May 04   Willem van Outhoorn, Dutch governor-general (Dutch East Indies) was born on this day in history.  

May 05   Philippe Quinault, French playwright (L'amant indiscret) was born in the year 1635.  

Famous Deaths In 1635

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Feb 13   Georg R Weckerlin, German poet, dies at 50 in the year 1635.  

Mar 03   On this day in history philips de l'Espinoy, historian/mayor of Ghent, dies  

Mar 19   Pieter Christiaensz Bor, Dutch historian, dies in the year 1635.  

Mar 24   Jacques Callot, French cartoonist/engraver, dies at about 42 in the year 1635.  

Mar 27   Robert Naunton, English politician (b. 1563) died on this day in history.  

Apr 13   Fakhr-al-Din II, Druze Prince of Lebanon (b. 1572) died in the year 1635.  

Apr 25   Alessandro Tassoni, Ital political writer (Rape of Bucket), dies at 69 in the year 1635.  

Jul 22   Pietro Antonio Tamburini, composer, dies at 45 in the year 1635.  


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