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Famous Birthdays In 1494

Friday, 24 October 2014

Feb 02 Bona Sforza, queen of Sigismund I of Poland (d. 1557) was born in the year 1494.

Feb 20 Johan Friis, chancellor (Denmark, helped formed Lutheranism) was born on this day in history.

Mar 01 Il Bacchiacca, [Franceso Ubertini], Italian painter was born in the year 1494.

Mar 24 In the year 1494 birth of georgius Agricola, Germany, mineralogist (De Re Metallica)

Apr 20 John Agricola, [Schneider], German theologist/prime minister was born in the year 1494.

May 25 In the year 1494 birth of jacopo Pontormo II, Italy, painter (Sepulture of Christ)

Sep 12 In the year 1494 birth of francois I of Valois-Angouleme, king of France (1515-47)

Sep 12 King Francis I of France (d. 1547) was born on this day in history.

Nov 05 Hans Sachs, composer was born on this day in history.

Nov 06 In the year 1494 birth of sulayman I, the Great, sultan of Turkey (1520-66)

Nov 06 On this day in history birth of suleiman the Magnificent, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1566)

Dec 20 Oronce Finé, French mathematician (d. 1555) was born in the year 1494.

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Famous Deaths In 1494

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 11 Domenico Ghirlandaio, Italian artist (b. 1449) died in the year 1494.

Jan 25 Ferdinand I, cruel king of Naples, dies on this day in history.

Aug 11 On this day in history hans Memling, [John Memlinc], Flemish painter (Passietaferelen), dies

Sep 24 Poliziano, Italian humanist (b. 1454) died on this day in history.

Oct 22 In the year 1494 gian Galeazzo, Italian duke of Milan (1476-94), dies

Nov 08 In the year 1494 melozzo da Forli, Italian painter, dies at about 56

Nov 17 On this day in history death of giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Italian philosopher (b. 1463)

Dec 20 On this day in history death of matteo Maria Boiardo, Italian poet