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Famous Deaths In 1593

Monday, 22 December 2014

Feb 06 On this day in history death of emperor Ogimachi of Japan (b. 1517)

Feb 07 Jacques Amyot, French humanist/abbot of Bellozanne, dies at 79 on this day in history.

Apr 06 In the year 1593 death of henry Barrow, English puritian/Congressionalist, hanged

May 29 In the year 1593 death of john Penry, English congressionalist, executed

May 30 In the year 1593 death of christopher Marlowe, Brit dramatist (Tamburlaine the Great), murdered

Jun 25 In the year 1593 death of michele Mercati, Italian physician and gardener (b. 1541)

Jul 11 Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1st surrealist painter, dies (birth date unkn) in the year 1593.

Jul 25 On this day in history steven Haghen, navigator/governor of Ambon (1617-18), dies at 61

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Famous Birthdays In 1593

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Mar 19 Georges de la Tour, French painter was born on this day in history.

Mar 25 On this day in history birth of jean de Brébeuf, French Jesuit missionary (d. 1649)

Apr 03 George Herbert, English metaphysical poet (5 Mystical Songs) was born in the year 1593.

Apr 04 Edward Nicholas, English statesman (d. 1669) was born on this day in history.

Apr 13 Thomas Wentworth, London, earl of Strafford/Viceroy of Ireland was born on this day in history.

May 20 In the year 1593 birth of jacob Jordaens, Flemish barok artist

May 20 Salomo Glassius, German theologian (d. 1656) was born in the year 1593.

Jul 08 Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian painter (d. 1653) was born in the year 1593.