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Famous Deaths In February - 06

Saturday, 20 December 2014

0743  Hisham ibn 'Abd al-Malik, 10th Moslem caliph, dies at about 52 on this day in history.  

0891  Photius, Byzantine theologist/patriarch of Constantinople/saint, dies on February - 06.  

1140  Thurstan, archbishop of York, dies on this day in history.  

1378  Death of Jeanne de Bourbon, wife of Charles V of France (b. 1338) on this day in history.  

1497  On February - 06 john Ockeghem, Flemish singer/composer, dies at 79  

1515  Death of Aldus Manutius, Italian printer on this day in history.  

1585  Death of Edmund Plowden, English legal scholar (b. 1518) on this day in history.  

1593  On this day in history death of emperor Ogimachi of Japan (b. 1517)  

1612  Christopher Clavius, calendar reformer, dies (birth date unknown) on February - 06.  

1617  On this day in history prosper Alpinus, Italian physician/botanist, dies at 63  

1695  On this day in history ahmed II, 21st sultan of Turkey (1691-95), dies  

1699  On February - 06 jozef Ferdinand of Bavaria, heir of Spanish king Carlos II, dies  

1725  Johann Philipp Krieger, composer, dies at 75 on February - 06.  

1775  On February - 06 death of william Dowdeswell, English politician (b. 1721)  

1783  On this day in history lancelot "Capability" Brown, English architect (Kew), dies at about 67  

1785  On this day in history iman Willem Falck, Dutch governor of Ceylon (1765-83), dies at 48  

1793  On this day in history carlo Goldoni, Italian author (L'avaro), dies at 85  

1798  Niels Schiorring, composer, dies at 54 on February - 06.  

1804  On this day in history joseph Priestley, Engl/US theologist/philosopher/chemist, dies at 70  

1807  John Reid, composer, dies at 85 on this day in history.  

1812  Carlo Goldoni, writer, dies at 104 on February - 06.  

1816  Death of Maria Ludwika Rzewuska, Polish szlachcianka (b. 1744) on February - 06.  

1833  On this day in history death of pierre André Latreille, French entomologist (b. 1762)  

1834  On this day in history death of richard Lemon Lander, British explorer (b. 1804)  

1855  Death of Josef Munzinger, Swiss Federal Councilor (b. 1791) on this day in history.  

1859  Johannes Josephus Viotta, composer, dies at 45 on this day in history.  

1865  On this day in history john Pegram, US Confederate brig-gen, dies in battle at 33  

1881  On this day in history pieter Mijer, Gov-Gen of Neth Indies (1866-72), dies at 68  

1896  On February - 06 abraham Czn van Stolk, Dutch art collector, dies at 82  

1897  Ebenezer C Brewer, British writer (Dictionary of Phrase & Fable), dies on February - 06.  

1899  Georg Leo earl von Caprivi, German chancellor, dies at 67 on February - 06.  

1910  On this day in history death of alfonso Maria Fusco. Beatified Italian Roman Catholic priest and founder (b.1839)  

1914  J Albert Neuhuys, Dutch painter (Hague School), dies at 69 on February - 06.  

1916  Anne C A I van Diest, Belgian physician/feminist, dies at 73 on this day in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In February - 06

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1461  Dzore Drzic, Croatian poet was born on February - 06.  

1564  Christopher Marlowe, English poet/dramatist (Dr Faustus) was born on February - 06.  

1577  Beatrice Cenci, Italian noblewoman (d. 1599) was born on February - 06.  

1608  Antonio Vieira, Portuguese Jesuit preacher was born on February - 06.  

1611  On this day in history birth of chongzhen Emperor, Emperor of China (d. 1644)  

1612  Antoine Arnauld, [Grand Arnauld], French lawyer/theologist was born on this day in history.  

1637  Toyotomi Hideyoshi, unified Japan was born on February - 06.  

1639  On this day in history birth of daniel Georg Morhof, German writer and scholar (d. 1691)