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Famous Deaths In February - 24

Thursday, 27 November 2014

0616  On February - 24 death of king Ethelbert of Kent  

1525  Death of Guillaume Gouffier, seigneur de Bonnivet, French soldier on February - 24.  

1563  Death of Francois Guise, French general/duke, assassinated at 44 on February - 24.  

1588  On this day in history death of johann Weyer, Dutch physician and occultist  

1642  Marco da Gagliano, Italian opera composer, dies at about 66 on this day in history.  

1666  On February - 24 nicholas Lanier, composer, dies at 77  

1674  Death of Matthias Weckmann, German composer (b. 1616) on this day in history.  

1685  On this day in history death of charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle, English politician and military leader (b. 1629)  

1686  Ferdinando Tacca, Italian painter/son of Pietro Tacca, dies at 66 on this day in history.  

1692  Antimo Liberati, composer, dies at 74 on this day in history.  

1704  Marc-Antoine Charpentier, French composer (church music), dies on this day in history.  

1714  On February - 24 death of edmund Andros, English governor in North America (b. 1637)  

1721  Death of John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, English statesman and poet (b. 1648) on this day in history.  

1732  Death of Colonel Francis Charteris, known as "The Rape-Master General". (b. 1675) on this day in history.  

1735  Georg Friedrich Kauffman, composer, dies at 56 on this day in history.  

1777  Death of King Joseph I of Portugal (b. 1714) on February - 24.  

1779  Death of Paul Daniel Longolius, German encylopedist (b. 1704) on this day in history.  

1781  On February - 24 death of edward Capell, English critic (b. 1713)  

1784  Anton Laube, composer, dies at 65 on this day in history.  

1785  Carlo Bonaparte, Corsican attorney, dies at 39 on February - 24.  

1799  On February - 24 broerius Brorius, theologist (Pensive Christian), dies at about 41  

1806  John Nieuwenhuijzen, theologist (Society for General Use), dies at 81 on February - 24.  

1810  Henry Cavendish, physicist/chemist, dies on February - 24.  

1812  On February - 24 hugo Kollataj, Polish teacher/minister, dies at 61  

1815  Robert Fulton, steamboat pioneer, dies on this day in history.  

1825  On this day in history thomas Bowdler, self-appointed Shakespearean censor, dies  

1829  Auguste Chouteau, St Louis co-founder, dies on this day in history.  

1862  Bernard S Ingemann, Danish author (Holger Danske), dies at 72 on February - 24.  

1874  Anselmo Clave, composer, dies at 49 on this day in history.  

1876  On February - 24 jan Pieter Heije, Dutch physician/writer/poet, dies at 67  

1895  Ignaz Lachner, composer, dies at 87 on February - 24.  

1907  On this day in history otto Goldschmidt, composer, dies at 77  

1908  On February - 24 anatol' Vakhnyanyn, composer, dies at 66  

1914  On this day in history death of joshua Chamberlain, Civil War hero for the Union on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg  

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Famous Birthdays In February - 24

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1103  Emperor Toba of Japan (d. 1156) was born on this day in history.  

1304  Muhammad ibn Battutah, Arab travel writer (Travels in Asia & Africa) was born on this day in history.  

1304  Ibn Battuta, Arabian explorer (d. 1368) ? was born on this day in history.  

1463  On February - 24 birth of giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Italy, scholar/platonist  

1500  Carlos V, King of Spain (1516-56)/Holy Roman Emperor was born on this day in history.  

1501  On this day in history birth of sixt(us) Birck [Xystus Betulius], German writer (Suzanna)  

1536  Clement VIII, [Ippolito Aldofireini], Fano Italy, Pope (1592-1605) was born on this day in history.  

1545  On February - 24 birth of don John of Austria, Spanish military leader (d. 1578)