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Famous Deaths In February - 19

Thursday, 23 October 2014

0197  D Clodius Septimus Albinus, Roman bequest in England, dies in battle on this day in history.  

0440  On February - 19 death of mesrop Mashtots, Armenian monk, theologian and linguist (b. 361/362)  

1133  On this day in history death of irene Ducaena, wife of Alexius I Comnenus (b. 1066)  

1260  On this day in history boniface, of Lausanne, Belgian bishop/saint, dies  

1401  Death of William Sawtree, 1st English religious martyr, burned in London on this day in history.  

1414  On February - 19 thomas Arundel, archbishop of Canterbury/chancellor of England, dies  

1545  On February - 19 death of pierre Brully, [Peter Brulius], calvinist minister, burned to death  

1553  On this day in history erasmus Reinhold, German mathematician, dies at 41  

1568  Miles Coverdale, translator (1st complete English Bible), dies at 80 on February - 19.  

1589  On February - 19 death of saint Philothei, Orthodox martyr and Patron of Athens (b. 1522)  

1602  On February - 19 death of philippe Emmanuel, Duke of Mercoeur, French soldier (b. 1558)  

1605  Orazio Tiberio Vecchi, composer, dies at 54 on this day in history.  

1620  On this day in history death of roemer P Visscher, poet, buried in Amsterdam  

1622  On this day in history death of sir Henry Savile, English educator (b. 1549)  

1653  Luigi Rossi, composer, dies on February - 19.  

1663  Death of Adam Adami, German bishop and diplomat (b. 1603) on this day in history.  

1670  Death of King Frederick III of Denmark (b. 1609) on February - 19.  

1672  Death of Charles Chauncy, English-born president of Harvard College (b. 1592) on this day in history.  

1709  On February - 19 death of tokugawa Tsunayoshi, Japanese shogun (b. 1646)  

1716  Death of Dorthe Engelbrechtsdatter, Norwegian poet (b. 1634) on this day in history.  

1785  On February - 19 johann Christoph Richter, composer, dies at 84  

1789  On February - 19 death of nicholas Van Dyke, American lawyer and President of Delaware (b. 1738)  

1790  On February - 19 jean-Baptiste Krumphultz, composer, dies at 47  

1799  On this day in history death of jean-Charles de Borda, French mathematician, physicist, political scientist, and sailor (b. 1733)  

1806  Death of Elizabeth Carter, English writer (b. 1717) on February - 19.  

1815  Leonhard von Call, composer, dies at 47 on February - 19.  

1822  On February - 19 jeronymo Francisco de Lima, composer, dies at 78  

1837  Death of Georg Büchner, German playwright (b. 1813) on this day in history.  

1858  Alois Basil Nikolaus Tomasini, composer, dies at 78 on February - 19.  

1864  On February - 19 william Edwin Baldwin, US Confederate brig-general, dies  

1873  On February - 19 death of vasil Levski, Bulgarian revolutionary (b. 1837)  

1875  On February - 19 jean B Vuillaume, French violin maker (octobas), dies at 76  

1878  On February - 19 charles F Daubigny, French restaurateur/painter, dies at 61  

1887  Eduard Douwes Dekker, Dutch writer (Max Havelaar), dies at 66 on February - 19.  

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Famous Birthdays In February - 19

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1473  On this day in history birth of nicolaus Copernicus, Polish mathematician and astronomer (d. 1543)  

1526  On this day in history birth of charles de L'Ecluse, Flemish botanist (d. 1609)  

1552  Melchior Klesl, Austrian cardinal and statesman (d. 1630) was born on February - 19.  

1588  Pieter de Carpentier, Flemish gov-gen of Dutch East-Indies was born on February - 19.  

1611  Andries de Graeff, mayor of Amsterdam (1657..71) was born on this day in history.  

1616  On February - 19 birth of jacques de Saint-Luc, composer  

1630  On February - 19 birth of shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire (d. 1680)  

1660  On February - 19 birth of friedrich Hoffmann, German physician and chemist (d. 1742)