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Famous Deaths In 1666

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jan 18 On this day in history adriaen A Bloemaert, Dutch landscape painter, dies at about 56

Jan 20 Anna of Austria, queen of France/daughter of Philip III, dies at 64 on this day in history.

Jan 24 In the year 1666 johann Andreas Herbst, composer, dies at 77

Feb 01 Sjihab al-Din Sultan C Shah Djahan, mogol of India (Taj-Mahal), dies in the year 1666.

Feb 24 On this day in history nicholas Lanier, composer, dies at 77

May 06 Paul Siefert, composer, dies at 79 in the year 1666.

May 22 On this day in history death of gaspar Schott, German scientist (b. 1608)

Jun 11 Cornelis Evertsen the Old, Swiss vice-admiral, dies in battle at 55 on this day in history.

Jun 15 On this day in history pieter de Bitter, Dutch admiral (Colombo, Goa), dies

Jun 26 On this day in history richard Fanshawe, diplomat/translator/poet, dies

Jun 30 On this day in history adam Krieger, German composer, dies at 32

Jul 05 Albert VI of Bavaria (b. 1584) died in the year 1666.

Aug 04 In the year 1666 death of johan Evertsen, ltalian admiral of Zeeland, lynched in Brielle

Aug 06 In the year 1666 tsjerk H de Vries, fleet guardian, dies in Battle at 43

Aug 15 Johann A Schall von Bell, German missionary/astronomer, dies on this day in history.

Aug 24 In the year 1666 francisco M the Melo, Portuguese author (Obras Morales), dies at 57

Aug 26 Frans Hals, Dutch painter (b. circa 1580) died on this day in history.

Aug 30 Benedictus Carpzovius, [Benedikt Carpzov], German lawyer, dies in the year 1666.

Sep 01 French Neck, portrait painter (Women Portrait), dies at about 86 in the year 1666.

Oct 11 On this day in history henry de Fleury dee Coulan, mister of Buat/ritmeester, dies

Oct 29 Edmund Calamy the Elder, English Presbyterian leader (b. 1600) died on this day in history.

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Famous Birthdays In 1666

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Feb 09 George Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney, British soldier (d. 1737) was born on this day in history.

Feb 15 On this day in history birth of antonio M Valsalva, Italian anatomist (eardrums, glottis)

Mar 15 Georg Baehr, German master builder (Frauenkirche, Dresden) was born in the year 1666.

Mar 15 George Bähr, German architect (d. 1738) was born on this day in history.

Apr 17 In the year 1666 birth of francois Valentijn, Dutch vicar/writer

Apr 25 On this day in history birth of johann Heinrich Buttstett, composer

May 14 On this day in history birth of victor Amadeus II of Sardinia (d. 1732)

Jul 10 In the year 1666 birth of john Ernest Grabe, German-born Anglican theologian (d. 1711)