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Historical Events Happened In 1141

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Feb 02   Battle at Lincoln King Stephen captured in the year 1141.  

Feb 02   On this day in history battle at Lincoln: King Stephen captured  

Feb 11   In the year 1141 hugo of St-Victor, philosopher/theologist/mystic, dies  

Sep 08   On this day in history -9] Battle of Samarkand: Yelutashi defeats Islams  

Oct 18   On this day in history margrave Leopold IV of Austria  

Dec 29   Yue Fei, Chinese general, executed in the year 1141.  


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Famous Deaths In 1141

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Feb 11   Hugo of St-Victor, philosopher/theologist/mystic, dies in the year 1141.  

Feb 13   On this day in history death of béla II of Hungary (b. 1110)  

Oct 18   Margrave Leopold IV of Austria died on this day in history.  

Dec 29   In the year 1141 death of yue Fei, Chinese general, executed  


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