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Famous Birthdays In January - 23

Thursday, 29 January 2015

1350  Vincent Ferrer, Spanish missionary and saint (d. 1419) was born on January - 23.  

1574  On January - 23 birth of lucas I Franchoys, Belgian painter  

1582  On January - 23 birth of john Barclay, Scottish satirist/Latin poet (Argenis)  

1688  On January - 23 birth of queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden (d. 1741)  

1719  On this day in history birth of john Landen, English mathematician (d. 1790)  

1730  On this day in history birth of joseph Hewes, US merchant (Declaration of Independence signer)  

1745  On this day in history birth of william Jessop, English canal engineer (d. 1814)  

1752  On January - 23 birth of muzio Clementi, Italian composer  

1761  Friedrich von Matthison, German poet (Adelaide) was born on January - 23.  

1762  On this day in history birth of christian A Vulpius, Germany, writer (Rinaldo Rinaldini)  

1783  On this day in history birth of stendahl, [Marie Henri Beyle], France, writer (Le Rouge et de Noir)  

1783  On January - 23 birth of stendhal, French writer (d. 1842)  

1785  Carl A Agardh, Sweden, botanist/bishop of Karlstad was born on this day in history.  

1786  On this day in history birth of auguste de Montferrand, French architect (d. 1858)  

1809  Veer Surendra Sai, Indian Freedom Fighter was born on January - 23.  

1813  On January - 23 birth of franz Commer, composer  

1816  On January - 23 birth of carl Herrmann, near Hanover Germany, stage magician  

1820  Alexander Nikoleyevich Serov, composer was born on January - 23.  

1827  On this day in history birth of takamori Saigo, Samurai, leader of Satsuma rebellion (d. 1877)  

1828  On this day in history birth of calvin Edward Pratt, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1896  

1830  Gaston AA Marquis de Gallifet, French general/min of War (1899-1900) was born on January - 23.  

1832  Edouard Manet, French artist (d. 1883) was born on this day in history.  

1833  John Randolph Chambliss Jr, Brig Gen (Confederate Army), died in 1864 was born on this day in history.  

1840  Ernst Abbe, Germany, physicist (Carl Zeiss Optics Company) was born on this day in history.  

1843  Hans Heinrich XIV Hochberg, composer was born on this day in history.  

1855  John Moses Browning, American inventor (d. 1926) was born on January - 23.  

1857  Andrija Mohorovicic, Croatian geologist (Moho discontinuity) was born on this day in history.  

1862  On this day in history birth of david Hilbert, Königsberg East Prussia, mathematician  

1865  On January - 23 birth of benjamin Delmonte, theater director/actor (Black Haired Whore)  

1867  On January - 23 birth of herbert Bedford, composer  

1868  On January - 23 birth of juventino Rosas, composer  

1869  Carlo Felice Boghen, composer was born on this day in history.  

1869  On January - 23 birth of herbert David Croly, US author (Promise of American Life)  

1872  On January - 23 birth of paul Langevin, French physicist (d. 1946)  

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Famous Deaths In January - 23

Famous People Died On This Day In History

1002  Otto III, German king/emperor 983/996-1002, dies at 21 on January - 23.  

1199  On this day in history death of yaqub, Almohad Caliph (b. 1160)  

1356  On January - 23 margaretha of Bavaria, Emperess of Germany, dies  

1516  On January - 23 ferdinand II, king of Aragon/Sicily, dies at 63  

1548  Bernardo Pisano, composer, dies at 57 on January - 23.  

1549  Death of Johannes Honter, Transylvanian Saxon humanist and theologian (b. 1498) on January - 23.  

1567  Death of Jiajing, Emperor of China (b. 1507) on this day in history.  

1622  William Baffin, British explorer, dies at about 38 on January - 23.