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Famous Birthdays In 1434

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Mar 19 On this day in history birth of ashikaga Yoshikatsu, Japanese shogun (d. 1443)

Aug 29 On this day in history birth of janus Pannonius, Hungarian poet/translator

Sep 18 In the year 1434 birth of eleanor of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress (d. 1467)

Sep 23 Yolande of Valois, Duchess of Savoy (d. 1478) was born in the year 1434.

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Famous Deaths In 1434

Famous People Died In This Year In History

May 16 On this day in history pieter Appelmans, Flemish architect/master builder, dies at about 60

May 30 Prokop the Great, Hussite general died in the year 1434.

Jun 01 On this day in history jagiello, King of Lithuania/Poland, dies

Nov 12 King Louis III of Naples died on this day in history.


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