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Famous Birthdays In 1572

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Feb 14 In the year 1572 birth of hans Christoph Haiden, composer

Apr 04 In the year 1572 birth of william Strachey, English writer (d. 1621)

Apr 14 On this day in history birth of adam Tanner, Austrian mathematician (d. 1632)

Jun 11 Ben Jonson, England, playwright/poet (Volpone, Alchemist) was born in the year 1572.

Jun 24 In the year 1572 birth of jan Campanus, composer

Sep 15 On this day in history birth of erasmus Widmann, composer

Nov 08 Johan Sigismund, elector of Brandenburg/duke of Prussia was born in the year 1572.

Nov 13 Cyril Lucaris, Greek theologian (d. 1638) was born on this day in history.

Dec 31 On this day in history birth of emperor Go-Yozei of Japan, (d. 1617)

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Famous Deaths In 1572

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Feb 23 In the year 1572 death of pierre Certon, French composer

Feb 28 Aegidius Tschudi, Swiss historian (b. 1505) died in the year 1572.

Mar 02 Mem de Sá, Portuguese Governor-General of Brazil died in the year 1572.

Mar 27 In the year 1572 death of girolamo Maggi, Italian Renaissance man (b. abt. 1523)

May 01 In the year 1572 pius V, [Antonio Ghislieri], great-inquisiteur/Pope (1566-72), dies

Jun 02 Thomas Howard 4th duke of Norfolk, English Earl, executed at 36 died in the year 1572.

Jun 07 In the year 1572 august I [Sigismund II August], king of Poland (1548-72), dies at 42

Jun 09 On this day in history jeanne d'Albret, queen of Navarra, dies at 44