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Historical Events Happened In 1227

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Jan 06   Ferrand of Portugal freed from the Louvre in the year 1227.  

Mar 18   On this day in history honorius III, [Cencio Savelli], Pope (1216-27), dies  

Mar 19   Count Ugolino of Segna elected Pope Gregory IX in the year 1227.  

Jul 27   Otto II van Lippe, bishop of Utrecht (1216-27), dies in the year 1227.  

Aug 17   In the year 1227 death of the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan.  

Aug 18   On this day in history genghis Khan Dies  

Aug 18   Genghis Khan, Mongol conqueror, dies on this day in history.  

Aug 25   In the year 1227 ghengis Khan, [Temudjin], founded Mongolia, dies  

Sep 29   In the year 1227 pope Gregory IX excommunicate German emperor Frederik II  

Oct 04   Assassination of Caliph al-Adil in the year 1227.  

Nov 23   On this day in history polish Prince Leszek I the White is assassinated at an assembly of Piast dukes at Gąsawa.  

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Famous Birthdays In 1227

Famous People Born In This Year In History

Sep 30   Pope Nicholas IV (d. 1292) was born on this day in history.  

Famous Deaths In 1227

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Mar 18   Honorius III, [Cencio Savelli], Pope (1216-27), dies on this day in history.  

Jul 23   On this day in history death of qiu Chuji, Chinese Taoist (b. 1148)  

Jul 27   In the year 1227 otto II van Lippe, bishop of Utrecht (1216-27), dies  

Aug 01   Shimazu Tadahisa, Japanese warlord (b. 1179) died on this day in history.  

Aug 18   In the year 1227 genghis Khan, Mongol conqueror, dies  

Aug 25   Ghengis Khan, [Temudjin], founded Mongolia, dies in the year 1227.