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Natural Disasters & Epidemics In The Year 2006

Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Pulkovo Airlines Flight 612 crashes near the Russian border in Ukraine, killing 171 people, including 45 children.

A roof collapses on a Moscow market, killing 56 people.

An oil pipeline explodes in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos killing at least 200 people.

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes central Java in Indonesia, killing more than 6,000, injuring at least 36,000 and leaving some 1.5 million people homeless.

A trade hall roof collapses in Katowice, Poland, killing 65 people.

A Greyhound Lines bus from New York City to Montreal, carrying 52 people, crashes at mile 115 on Interstate 87 near Elizabethtown killing 5 people including the driver and several are seriously injured.

The al-Dana capsizes off the coast of Bahrain, killing at least 48 people.

Cholera in Luanda, Angola

dengue outbreak in India in India killing 50+ people

Chikungunya outbreaks in India

dengue outbreak in Pakistan in Pakistan killing 50+ people

Dengue fever in Philippines

East Africa Rift Valley fever outbreak in East Africa killing 394 people

Yogyakarta earthquake in Indonesia killing 5,782 people

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