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Famous Deaths In April - 12

Friday, 24 October 2014

0065  On this day in history death of seneca the Younger, Roman philosopher, statesman and dramatist  

0238  On April - 12 death of gordian II, heir to the Roman Empire (killed in battle)  

0352  Julius I, pope (337-52), dies on this day in history.  

0434  Death of Archbishop Maximianus of Constantinople on this day in history.  

1125  Death of Vladislaus I of Bohemia on April - 12.  

1443  Death of Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury on April - 12.  

1550  Claude of Lorraine, duke of Guise, dies at 53 on this day in history.  

1555  Johanna de Wanzinnige, Queen of Castilie (1504-20), dies at 75 on April - 12.  

1605  Boris Godunov, Tsar of Russia (1598-1605), dies on this day in history.  

1675  Death of Richard Bennett, British Colonial Governor of Virginia (b. 1609) on this day in history.  

1687  On this day in history death of ambrose Dixon, Virginia Colony pioneer  

1690  On April - 12 miguel Gomez Camargo, composer, dies at 71  

1704  On April - 12 john Hudde, 21x mayor of Amsterdam, dies at 76  

1748  On this day in history william Kent, English sculptor/architect (Kensington Palace), dies  

1760  Baron Ernst Gottlieb, composer, dies at 64 on this day in history.  

1782  On this day in history death of metastasio, Italian poet and librettist (b. 1698)  

1788  On April - 12 carl Joseph Toeschi, composer, dies at 56  

1795  Rainieri de Calzabigi, Italian literary, dies at 80 on April - 12.  

1797  Josef Antonin Stepan, composer, dies at 71 on this day in history.  

1814  Death of Charles Burney, English music historian (b. 1726) on April - 12.  

1817  On this day in history charles Messier, "comet ferret" & catalogs famous "M objects,", dies  

1828  Jean Henri Appelius, Dutch lawyer/minister of Finance, dies at 60 on April - 12.  

1845  Henry M baron the Kock, officer/politician, dies at 65 on this day in history.  

1850  Death of Adoniram Judson, American Baptist missionary (b. 1788) on this day in history.  

1859  John Emde, German evangelist, dies at about 84 on April - 12.  

1864  On April - 12 thomas Green, US Confederate brig-general, dies in battle at 50  

1872  Death of Nikolaos Mantzaros, Greek composer (b. 1795) on April - 12.  

1878  On this day in history william M "Boss" Tweed, NY politician, dies  

1896  Alexander Ritter, composer, dies at 62 on April - 12.  

1898  Death of Elzéar-Alexandre Taschereau, Roman catholic archbishop of Quebec (b. 1820) on April - 12.  

1902  On this day in history death of marie Alfred Cornu, French physicist (b. 1842)  

1909  Hermann Kotzchmar, composer, dies at 79 on this day in history.  

1910  William G Sumner, US sociologist/politicologist (Folkways), dies at 69 on April - 12.  

1912  Clara Barton, organizer (American Red Cross), dies at 90 on this day in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In April - 12

Famous People Born On This Day In History

0812  Muhammad at-Taqi, Muslim Shia Imam (d. 835) was born on April - 12.  

1484  On this day in history birth of antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Italian architect (d. 1546)  

1500  Joachim Camerarius, [Liebhard Kammerer], German humanist was born on this day in history.  

1526  Muretus, French humanist (d. 1585) was born on April - 12.  

1550  Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, English politician (d. 1604) was born on this day in history.  

1577  Christian IV of Denmark (d. 1648) was born on April - 12.  

1579  Francois de Bassompierre, marshal of France was born on this day in history.  

1626  On April - 12 birth of paul Hainlein, composer